Animal Crossing: The Shadow Folk

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About two years ago my grandpa had died from a terrible heart attack, just a week before my birthday. He had already gotten me a present.

A Wii game called: "Animal Crossing: City Folk"

I played the game before at my friend's house but didn't really get into it very much. Still I knew I had to play it, it had been from my grandpa after all. When I saw the cover I wondered where my grandpa had gotten it. The entire case was torn up and the Nintendo seal of approval was crossed out in black marker.

When I first booted up the game I knew something was wrong. Instead of the normal cat thing that pops up to greet you there was just the text of what he says. Also the voices were on the "beep" setting instead of the normal animal speech. All the options seemed there but when you clicked on anything besides "Yeah!" to select your account it would just give u a blank options screen. So I was stuck with the weird sound. I then started a new file but instead of going on the bus and giving all the options about you it just dropped me in front of the gate. My character was the Grim Reaper.

He seemed slightly more realistic then a normal character but I hadn't played the game in awhile so I just tried to ignore it. I wandered around a bit but strangely the entire town was flat with no trees. The only thing around was my house. Instead of friendly villagers about I just saw these genie/ghost things that were all going around looking depressed.

They were using the regular "depression" animation. When I tried talking to them they just said, "Hello master..."

When I went to my house it was full sized with 3 floors and a flag. Everything was black in the house, the walls, the floor, the roof, the flag, even the bed was just the default bed you get but black. There was nothing else in the house, no furniture, no toys, nothing. Even the windows were gone which you normally couldn't do.

After exploring the entire building a text box appeared above my character's/the reaper's head saying "go to the gate" That shocked me a bit but because that was the only spot I hadn't explored so I did as he said. When I got to the gate the two guards were replaced by depressed ghosts.

I talked to the left one who said the same thing as the fat dog guard except instead of "Lost and Found" it said "Weapons" when I opened it up he didn't say his normal line and just opened it. When I looked through all the items they seemed normal except they were renamed. There was a pitfall named "Teleporter" and an ax called "Scythe" when I held the ax it looked all glitched. It had most of the ax missing but it would randomly turn back into an ax for a brief second. Strangely it actually looked like a scythe when it wasn't glitching.

I then talked to the other ghost who said, "Who would you like to torture?"

He then brought up a massive list of towns. I now think that it was every town with a gate open. I selected one at random. "happytown:)" I think it was called. Okay now the lamest name ever. When I went there the sky turned black.

As I wandered, I could hear two young girls voices coming from the speakers asking who I was. But I didn't have a microphone set up and the game wouldn't let me use the typing style chat. I equipped the pitfall or "teleporter" as it was called, though you normal couldn't equip it ether way.

When I swung the remote I appeared behind one of the girls. She screamed and her character ran away. I teleported again but this time my scythe appeared in my hand and I slashed her. She spun round and around like she was in a pitfall but a lot faster. Finally her entire sprite turned red and she vanished. I did this to the other girl too. Hearing them scream the entire time. I laughed. It was a children's game so it seemed funny at the time.

After the second girl disappeared the server closed and I was back at the gate. I continued this process for months, whenever I was done with homework this was the first game I played. But after awhile the game got boring and I sold it, as I do with most games. I didn't even think about it much until recently.

I was at my friend's house playing animal crossing. Amazing he still plays that after two years. Then the reaper came. The sky turned black and he appeared behind me. I heard out of the speakers a demonic voice saying:

"Phillip, why did you leave me? We had soooo~ much fun together. Guess its that time, time to show you what your missing..."

His scythe swung and the animation played. My character spun faster and faster and faster until I turned red and disappeared. Then something happened that I had no idea happened to those I slayed. A demon appeared on the screen he laughed, laughed and laughed until my ears began to bleed. Both me and my friend are scared from that experience. Though he doesn't know how many others suffered the same way... but from my hand.