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Oh god. I can still hear it, that eerie music, the grunting of the animals. The thing was... they were dead. It was obvious that they had been freshly killed, but the sick fucker who made this tried to portray them as living. By the way, unlike my other Creepypasta, this is 100% real. I even have video proof.

Anyways, let me describe the video:

It started with a view of a log. A nice forest view with a tree on the right. Suddenly, a stag's decapitated head popped out. I've seen more disturbing things, and read even more things that fucked me up. (Cupcakes, BEN and Jeff etc.) Anyways, another scene of a log popped up (a different scene at that) but then as soon as the shot had appeared, a dead wolf appeared. It made pig sounds, which was extremely unusual. I noticed that its leg was frozen in place. That leg.... I keep getting off the topic. It was just so damn... HORRIBLE. The next scene was that of some type of bird (duck maybe?) flying through the sky. When I say flying though, I really mean hovering. The same psycho who had done things to those previous animals had stuck a wire in the bird. A wire, and he was trying to make to make it look like it was flying. WHAT THE FUCK.

It faded to the deer scene where the bastard finally showed his face. His arm was in the deer's neck, similar to that of a puppet. I was just mortified and I was appalled at how someone could do this to an animal. He acknowledged his attempts at making us try to believe the animals were alive. The same thing with the wolf, which was really a coyote, and the duck being a pheasant. Back to the wolf scene, all the animals were huddled around him as though he had arranged them for a sick tea party. He then denied them being alive, informing me that they were dead, and had been preserved by him. Jesus Christ this guy's just weird. I wanted to turn it off, but I was curious as to what would happen next.

He told us he lived in California, and he put some other personal information. My guess at the time was that he was an animal hitman; the neighbour's dog barking too loudly? No Problem...

As for the next scene, a young man of about twenty years of age pointed out a dead antelope driving an SUV. It was going way too fast, and I feared for the man's life. It was creepy. He just kept pointing, wearing a creepy, questioning face. He once more denied the life of the antelope, and confessed it was him driving the automobile.

The next scene was that of a bear in a woman's bed. She seemed genuinely frightened, and the bear looked pretty real this time. She screamed at the top of her lungs, when it turned out to be the taxidermizing trickster. He denied the bear being alive, relieving the lady of her extreme fear.

A moment later, I saw a poor fellow suffering from extreme insanity. He appeared to be on the phone with his friend, when he asked for a hold. He saw a leopard sitting on some animal, he just mumbled the name, on his deck. That sick fucker shot up from behind the dead animal, claiming it was just him with his plentiful "realistic mounts"

When he did this, I just lost it. He was coated in dead animals' furs, and I vomited. I had to order a new keyboard because the old one's circuits were all broken. It was a horrific experience, and the video was simply horrifying. There was more.... But I can't type it here. It was too fucked up, I can't do this anymore. If you want to know the link, I shall post it, but for the sake of your sanity, DO. NOT. WATCH. IT. God speed my friends.

Hope you enjoyed, if anyone sees a grammatical/spelling error, pm me and I'll change it. Thank you. Bye :) ~Urbanlol