Annie Chapman

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She left her lodging, for she could no longer had money. She walked down the street, and I stealthily followed. Annie stopped at just beyond a backyard of 20 Hanbury Street. Noticing another lady, whom I wasn't familiar with, I waited.

Annie talked with a man, no taller than she was.

She kept walking, and I pursuited, making myself look average.

I could hear Annie's hard breathing, her wheezing. I took the handkerchief out of my pocket, and carefully approached her from behind.

Her breath stopped, and I kept the handkerchief tight around her neck. She made little choking sounds, gagging and spluttering. When she fell limp, I carefully let her fall to the ground.

Knife in hand, I cut her throat from left to right, just like the other girl. Next, I cut open her abdomen, and pulled out her intestines, throwing them over her shoulder. I reached inside, and grabbed whatever I could.

Bloody hands, I made my way back to where I started, and waited on the next victim.