Annoying Orange Lost Episode

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The scary face, which is probably the dark figure in the VHS.

I was an intern for Cartoon Network for a year in 2011 for my degree in animating for Television. The creator of Annoying Orange made an episode that wasn't shown on TV before the show premiered in 2012.

He was hiding it so no one could find it. However, I found it and borrowed it from the studio, so i could watch it at home. I put the tape in my VCR and sat back and thought it would be okay. But it wasn't.

The intro was the same, except you just heard a loud beeping noise. You first see the Danboe's Grocery Store. Nerville sees a dark figure in the background. He grabs Nerville and repeatedly stabs him for 3 mins. Orange, Passion Fruit and Pear scream.

They run, but the man stomps on them. Real blood is seen on the floor. He goes over to marshmallow and Midget Apple, and eats both of them. Then, Grapefruit knocks him down, but splats on the ground. Grandpa Lemon sees the figure and says:

"Oh my! Go away you stinky fisherman. The man says I ain't a fisherman you elderly retard! He kills Grandpa Lemon by punching him. Then, the screen fades out to black. Then I saw a scary face that looked so realistic I almost died. I threw away the tape, cause I didn't want to have nightmares again, or I would wake my wife up when I was in bed. "

The next day, it came back from the trash. So I wanted to watch the rest. The dark figure blew up Danboe's store and the credits came. The dead fruit was shown as a picture for the credits. I was scared of this episode very much. Then, the Nickelodeon logo was shown. I thought, this is weird, this show has never been on Nick. A loud scream made me almost deaf. Then, the Warner Bros, logo was shown.

These logos were never on these shows, only like on Tom And Jerry movies they show on the network. Then, a picture of the creator was shown. He was dead on someone's door, his arms were gone, and he had 4 gunshots on his face. Then, it was over. Then, an unsuspecting ear busting scream made me deaf and the TV cracked to pieces. That costed me 10,000 dollars plus tax.