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Strange things happen to us every day. But you don't encounter anything like I have experienced three weeks ago everyday.

It all started, Tuesday July 3, 2012. I was on vacation in a little hole in the wall motel that you pay 30$ a night, down in South Carolina, Room 14. It was a very cozy motel, the beds were fairly soft, you had cable television and the ability to order movies from On Demand, and I'd have to say for the most part was very comforting. I brought my MacBook Pro along with me; I wouldn't go anywhere without it. I checked to see if the motel offered free Wi-Fi, and there was none, out of all of the things that they offered at the motel you didn't get Wi-Fi. However, I was able to reach a signal next to the window where the door was. The network had an okay signal. It would cut out from time to time, but if I was able to hop on Facebook, or watch a quick YouTube video, I was happy.

It was nearing 9 p.m and I was laying on my bed watching some episodes of The Walking Dead On Demand. I would occasionally peek out the window, because I was curious to see if anyone was around or anything like that. I'm the kind of person to be very paranoid and kind of nosy. After four times of walking back and forth from my bed to the window, I thought I heard a noise outside but I figured it was probably just an animal or something. I turned off the TV and tried to sleep.

I woke up at 3 a.m to a loud knocking at my door. I woke up immediately and got out of bed. I walked over to the window and peeped out, and there was a man walking away out in to the street and disappeared into the darkness. I looked around the room and felt uneasy. The darkness didn't help me at all, I flicked on the lights and turned the TV on. I reached underneath my bed to grab my computer, and I glanced at the floor near the door and there was an envelope. I looked at the envelope and saw my name on it, along with another person's name, "David, and Emily Charlotte"

Emily Charlotte... My wife who was murdered five years ago. Her murder case was dropped due to lack of evidence. Her case was never solved and to this day I am angered by it. I got very upset and at the same time was scared out of my mind, because this mystery person knows me and my wife. I opened the envelope and turned on my computer to document what had just come before me. Inside the envelope was a DVD. It had the words "Anon.exe" written in a dark red. Also with the DVD contained a little letter...

"I know what happened to Emily, and you will soon find out as well."

This frightened me. I was so scared and yet to curious at the same time. I took the DVD and put it into my computer. Nothing happened after a couple minutes so I opened my Finder and opened the files on the DVD. The only file I could find was Anon.exe. I had a Mac so I used Crossover to open the file. The file opened and I saw a bright red screen. It took 15 minutes to load, I figured because Crossover froze or something. Then the screen faded to black. A load screen popped up. The screen read,

"Unlock the truth..."

I was given two options

"New Game"


The loading screen was a picture of a mangled body in a corner of a room.

At this moment, I was scared out of my mind. I didn't know what to do but press New Game out of curiosity. The game then started to glitch out, the screen began to blink and then it went to static. It was a cutscene of a little boy walking down a road. The road was foggy and dark, and he was kicking a ball around. He was laughing and it seemed like he was very happy. The game was in black and white and the graphics looked like a PlayStation 1 game. The boy then picked up the ball and stopped laughing. The camera pan was following the boy's back the whole time, I could not see his face.

"Where's mommy?" the boy cried out.

"Mommy? Where are you?" the boy yelled.

"Heh heh." the boy laughed in a weird demonic voice.

Then the camera was placed into a first-person view.

"Who's there?"

I pressed the W,A,S,D keys and nothing happened. I pressed the arrow keys and I was walking slowly. I held shift and every other key I could imagine to run. But I couldn't run. Nor could I look around. The boy turned around slowly.

The boys face popped into the screen and screamed, his face was bloodied, he had no left eye. His nose almost gone, his lips were split open as well. It looked as if he was thrown into a meat grinder. The game went to static. It was silent, my TV shut off and my lights shut off.I tried to Command+Q my way out of the game but it did not close. I tried shutting my computer off, and yet it still did not work. I tried to stick something into my CD drive to scratch the disc and keep it from working. It still did not work. The game would cut to the boy screaming for about a half of a second. And the last time it cut it was Emily...

Next thing I knew I saw Emily on video. She was on a webcam. She was singing one of her favorite songs and then her doorbell rang. She got up and walked out of the shot. Five minutes later I saw her with an envelope that said Emily Charlotte on it. She read the note out loud.

"You don't know me, but you will soon."

She took out a DVD that looked exactly like the one that I received. She put it into her computer and began to gasp and play the game. When the boy screamed she screamed, the video was cutting out and her screams got louder and higher pitched. Then, the game cut to first person mode.

I was at Emily's house. The character I was playing as walked slow and limped. I walked into Emily's house and up the stairs. The game would cut to her yelling.

"Who's there?"

The game cut back to me walking into the room. Then I heard screaming it was Emily, I heard wacks, and gashes. I heard flesh being torn to pieces. Then it cut to the video of her being brutally murdered and torn to pieces. The man broke her legs and arms in half like they were twigs. The man then threw one final bash to her skull with an axe and threw her in the corner. That was the title screen. It was her, brutally dismembered. The game glitched out and then music backwards played.

The next thing I saw was me. It was me at home, on my computer. I got up and tried to pry the disc out of my CD drive. But the game still continued. The game stopped. It froze. I was so relieved, and so scared and went to grab my phone to call the police. I unlocked my iPhone and my homescreen was the boy staring me in the face. It wouldn't let me lock, or use anything on my phone. My files on my computer all changed to Anon. My computer wallpaper was Emily in the corner. I was going insane. I decided I was just going to get up and leave. I immediately packed my things and was ready to leave. I left my computer on, just in case something happened.

The game made loud, ear bleeding screeches and then it was Emily screaming. It then unfroze and the screen went black. My ears hurt very bad. I closed my computer and went to open the door. The door wouldn't open, it wasn't locked, something was blocking the door way.

" your computer."

Someone or something was saying through my laptop speakers. Or what was left of them, they scratched and popped while being screamed at. I set my computer down and opened it.

It was me. Staring at myself in a webcam.

"Anon knows everyone. He watches you, he knows you. He knows everything. He could be standing outside your window." the little boy's voice sounded.

I walked over to the window.

"Hehe. Look, David." the boy said.

I opened the curtain. There was no one there.

"Daaaaaavidddddd..." the boy said.

"Look behind you." the boy whispered from my computer.

I turned around slowly, and there was a man with eyes stitched shut coming at me with a hook. The next thing I knew I was in the hospital. My friends were standing around me saying "good morning".

"Where's Emily?!" I screamed over and over.

"David, David! Emily is dead okay? She died five years ago." My friend tried to calm me down.

"I know what happened. She got killed by a ghost. His name is Anon." I said.

The doctor walked in.

"It's probably just the medicine. Don't worry, David you'll be alright."

I have nightmares to this day. Seeing myself in first person, murdering Emily.

Anon.exe still lies in my finder. I can't even bare to look at it. I burned the disc, along with the envelope. I never wanted to lay eyes on that note, envelope, or CD ever again.

On July 20 I got a letter in the mail with a note. The note read,

"Anon can see you."

In blood.