Another Day, In another Time

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You've probably never handled a sword, let alone seen one. But I have, and it came at a consequence I never thought would be possible. 

It was another day in school. Boring as usual, teaching us about dirt and rocks. I looked out the window. A bird was staring back at me. "Pay attention, Red!" I whipped my head back around to face the teacher. She tapped her ruler impatiently on her desk. I winced at the thought of having my wrists hit again. I sighed and started to write the notes again. The teacher nodded and continued blabbing on and on. The bell rang and I ran out the door. I had forty dollars in my pocket, and I wanted to go to the thrift shop near my house. Walking there's a pain but I had my bike. When I got there, I looked around for something cool to hang in my room. Towards the back was a sheathed sword. I smiled, it was perfect. 

"You want this?" the store clerk asked nervously.

"Yeah, it's for sale right?" I asked.

"Yeah... But I wouldn't recommend buying it."

"Well I want it. How much?"

"Ten dollars."


I handed him the ten dollar bill and waited for him to do his thing with the register.  He gave me he receipt, which I gladly took, and walked out the door. Who was he to say he didn't want me to buy it? I could buy what I want. Right?  

I paused at a stoplight and waited, getting odd looks from passerby. I glared at them back, telling them to mind their own business. When the light finally turned, I started to pedal. I heard a honk and I sharp pain on my right side. I felt myself flying off my bike and hugging the sheathed sword to my chest. Then I fell into a curtain of black.

"She's lucky she survived."

"Yes, she was obeying the rules and got hit by a truck."

"It's not her fault."

"It's his."

I opened my eyes to see two men in a white hospital uniform. They stared at me and walked out of the room. A nurse came in shortly after. "My sword? I just bought it. Where is it?" I asked. "Oh right here, sweetie. It isn't even scratched!" the nurse said, handing me the sword.  It was still sheathed. I grabbed it and hopped up from the bed. My head swirled a little bit but I kept walking. I walked to my bike. A nice nurse locked it up. I smiled and hopped up and continued to my house.

I got home quickly and went to put the sword up on my wall.