Another Lavender Town Tale

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'He was such a sweet boy. Always full of laughter and happiness. it's too bad he decided to take his own life. No one knows why he did.

So far all we know is that he recently got this Pokémon red game. But that couldn't have been anything, right? I am apart of the Special Police Force and I'm here to find the truth, and reveal it to you. What you are reading right now is of utmost secrecy, so read at your own discretion.

Today's Date: October 11th, 1998

Name: Timothy Richard Ayers

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Date of Birth August 5, 1991

Date of Death: October 10, 1998

With the information I had gathered on my personal reconnaissance, the only thing I could conclude is that his mysterious death had something to do with that infamous game of his. So now I'm on my way to the scene right now. All that is typed here is raw, legitimate information. Reader's discretion is advised. I just walked into the scene and I was absolutely shocked. I have never seen anything like this. Timothy is hanging from the ceiling, he has huge gashes on his arms, and on the wall written in blood is .... "LAVENDER." I wonder what that could mean. Also I found something else; in his right hand still clutched is his powered on GameBoy, and it says "Game Over." I'll put more info tomorrow.

Today's Date: October 12th, 1998

So I went back to the house just to find another curious happening. His parents are absolutely frightened. They wont stop talking about noises that they were hearing last night, and they didn't sleep one bit. So now I decided to interview them. The following conversation is absolutely true to finite detail. (M stands for Me, MA is Mother Ayers, and FA is Father Ayers)

M: Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Ayers, I'm just coming to ask a few questions, OK?

MA: OK.... I guess I can answer some questions.

FA: Don't ask too many questions, alright?

M: So before this happened, was there anything strange about your son, anything will do.

FA: Let me think....

MA: Well there was this one thing....

M: C'mon let's hear it!

MA: Well, after we bought Timmy his game, he was absolutely elated about it, that's all he ever talked about. We even got him merchandise. But soon after Timmy started getting headaches and dizziness after playing his game. Then he started to get really sick, me and my husband thought it was just the stomach bug, so we gave him some medicine and told him to go to bed and.... *starts crying*

M: Don't worry, I'll give you time to calm down, I think I got all the information I need. Also, I heard about your sleep problems, can you explain?

FA: Well there was rustling coming from Timmy's bedroom, and a low hum too. Me an' m' wife couldn't figure out what it was. And there was no evidence of a burglar. It was just too surreal.

M: Alright, I'll be going now, thank you, and I hope you both get better.

So then I entered into the room of the boy, and he was still there hanging. And to my dismay, that game was still tightly clutched into his hand. It still said "Game Over." Now that was enough to send a chill down my spine, because wouldn't the battery have ran out? But yet I'm still determined to solve this case!

The rest of the police suggested to the parents to put up cameras around the house. So they did. I'll fill in more details tomorrow.

Today's date: October 13th, 1998

The case is done. We wont do anything more to solve this case. Just forget about it. Says the police, but I know what happened! I knew it all along, it was that game. Whatever you do, don't listen to that game's background music, don't play that game. You will die. So this is what I have sent to you. Since I know their secret, they'll kill me too. Good Bye, and have a nice day :). You won't hear from me again.