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My name is John. I don't like to be around people. I like to be around around the few friends I have, but only when I'm at school. I don't like other people being around me when I can be alone. The only real time people were useful was when I needed a crowd to hide from a bully. I love to explore in Nature. I always explore alone, even though every wilderness manual tells you never to do that. People would just ruin the experience for me. Today, I found a hole in the ground. I peeked into the hole, I couldn't really see anything, because it was really dark. The sun was going down, so I came home. I'm going to go explore the hole tomorrow.

I went back today. I brought a flashlight this time. I tied a rope to a nearby tree and climbed down into the hole. It looked like a long dirt hallway. I could hear a faint banging noise. I walked in the direction I thought the banging noise was coming from. I walked for about 100 feet, until I found a large metal door. The banging sounds like it's coming from the other side. I'm going to try and open it tomorrow. I'm also going to bring a tape recorder, so I can document what happens in real time.

"Alright, I hope this thing works. I'm very excited. I'm going to try to open the door today. I just need to find the mechanism... hmm... Ah, there it is." *clicking sound* "I can't wait to see wha-... What is that?!" *Heavy footfalls and panting* "I wish I'd brought someone with me! Oh god! No! Stay Away!' The rest of the tape is filled with the victims cries for help, the sounds of flesh ripping and bones snapping. The body was found in the hole, horribly mangled with chunks of flesh missing. The tape recorder was found near the body. The journals were found on the victim's computer.