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When I was a child there was no YouTube, no internet, none of that new-modern kind of stuff. But when I found out about YouTube, it turned into one of my favorite video sharing sites, until I found out about a video called "Antony".

It was the first video I watched on YouTube, and I was the first viewer. I watched the video, it showed a young child, about 5 or 6 years old, playing with ants. Then, he got bitten by an ant and was driven to the hospital by his parents.

(This is where things got...abnormal) The child had to take a shot by his arm, and took a few pills and slept in his hospital bed. He was apparently poisoned by the ant. The parents had to go to work and left the camera by the bed, but they left the camera on, right next to the boy. Right when the parents left, and the nurse went to the back room to get medicine, the child looked at the camera, and smiled straight into my eyes. I tried to pause the video, but I couldn't the mouse wouldn't move.

I tried to exit my browser, but I couldn't. By then I was a little scared. Then I realized, I was using a PC, so I cut the power off. Somehow the PC was still on with that little boy's haunting smile staring right into my eyes. Then, my browser crashed for some weird reason, and my desktop picture was that boy's smile. I typed in "Antony" on Google and surprisingly, found some results.

The first result said that that Antony, actually named "Anthony" had a passion for ants. Everyday, during school, at home, even while sleeping, he looked outside the nearest window, and looked at the ants outside.

"He just stared at the ants with no facial expression."

"He just likes ants I guess." His father always said.

But later that night, he came to my house. I just graduated college and started living on my own. Antony knocked on the door at midnight, I opened the door, and there he was. A little boy, covered in dead ants and insect blood. He stared right at me and said "My name is Antony" in a high pitched, but demonic voice. I slammed the door shut, but accidentally slammed his hand by the door, his hand fell off and ants and blood dropped from his open hand. I asked my friends if I could room with them for a couple of nights, they asked "why?" and I explained the whole Antony thing, but they didn't believe me. I tried to show them the video, but it was taken off of YouTube.

Apparently, more people saw it and had bleeding eyeballs or heart attacks. I was the only one who watched the video and survived. I tried looking up Antony, but there were no results. They wouldn't let me stay at their house and they called me a pussy for being scared of a stupid YouTube video. I just assumed then that was just a nightmare. The next night, however, he came again. He looked at me, holding a butcher knife. I wasn't scared this time, and took a picture of him. He was astonished by the flash and ran away. Ever since then, he never came to my house and I lived peacefully. But if you ever yell out "Antony" 13 times, it will upset little Antony, and he will visit you.