Any Last Words?

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Louis and Linus are just two are just two brothers who lived in a rural village until an incident soon destroyed their life and relationship.

The Story

"C'mon Linus!"

A young teenager, 16 to be exact, stood on top of a small 'hill'. His long, raven hair was being blown by the wind while his blue eyes shimmered downward. He looked tall for his age. His school uniform was hanging from one of his arm. His name is Louis.

Below the hill was a younger looking male. His eyes were like Louis. But his hair was great colours of brown. He was sweating so hard that his shirt was very wet. The boy's name was Linus.

Linus was panting heavily while he tried to catch up with his older brother. A goofy smile appeared on the younger male's mouth. "I'm too tired now!" the boy whined.

Louis rolled his eyes and smirked. He went to his brother and picked him up. He really doesn’t care if he's heavy or not. In fact, they always do this so Louis was used in carrying him.

Louis carried his twin brother down from the hill. Their house was just a few walks from school. But the two would often go to the wrong way. They would often pass the long cut. Their house stood in the end of a rural village. It's not that much, just a plain house. They were surrounded with squatters. Their father is a simple carpenter and their mother is just a house wife. But they never complain. They were lucky since they have water, electricity, food and enough clothes. Linus and Louis go to a public school so it isn't really a major problem for money when it comes with education.

Among all of the children, Linus and Louis stand out. They were known to be the two humbled children. Their family is very religious and God-fearing. Louis is known as the tough, smart person. He would often lift weights or do math problems during his free time. On the other hand, Linus is more of the artistic person. He would enjoy reading small books and draw something during his free time.

"We're home!" Louis announced to his sleepy brother. He waited for his answer only to find out that he was already sleeping. Louis sighed and opened the door carefully. He saw his mother preparing dinner while his father was just dusting himself.

"Hi Louis,” his mother greeted. "Looks like Linus is dreaming off again.”

"Yeah," Louis smiled. "Hey dad, how come you're home early?"

"We're almost finished building the house we were assigned to. Since there aren't so much to do, I decided to call it a day."

"Okay then," Louis simply said before walking down the hall that leads to their room.

Louis placed his sleeping brother down on the bed. He threw his shirt into their hamper and lie down next to his brother on their old, twin bed. He faced the ceiling and then towards his brother who was finally waking up.

“Linus, do you feel something is strange?” Louis asked.

“Huh,” Linus looked in awkwardness while sitting upright. “No, why do you say so?”

“I don’t know.” There was silence in the room for a while.

“Never mind,” Louis remarked. “C’mon, let’s just go downstairs.”


Later that night, around 8:30, a bunch of tough looking men were setting out tables and chairs. Linus peered out of the window to see what they were doing. He was a little annoyed since they were drinking near their bedroom and they would often scream or laugh to loud.

“Brother,” Louis called Linus, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, I’m just getting fed up by those men outside.”

“Just don’t notice them.”

Linus simply nodded and pulled away. He laid on their and stared into the ceiling.

“I’m going to sleep now,”

Linus closed his eyes and pretend that all of the sounds from outside would be nothing and everything would be fine. But Linus was so wrong.

From outside, men were screaming and cheering out. They toss bottles. But suddenly, one of them grew angry with another one because he threw his bottle, knocking out his own. He became more rage and started to punch the other man. A few men tried to break the fight while the others watched and cheered.

Because of the fight, they manage to tip a gasoline tank beside the house, next to Linus and Louis’ bed. A man who was smoking next to the house suddenly threw the cigarette, which was still burning, next to the house, thus causing a fire.

Inside the house, when Louis was fixing his bag, he smelled the fire from outside. His eyes widened. He looked outside and saw the fire. His eyes grew larger. He ran out of his room, completely unaware that Linus was sleeping. He ran to his mother and father’s room to tell them the fire.

“Mom! Dad!” Louis shouted.

“Louis,” his mother said. “What’s wrong?”

“The house is on fire!”

His mother and father grew shock. They quickly took some money and a cell phone. Louis, his mother and father ran out of the house as fast as possible. Neither of them remembered of poor Linus inside his room.

Going back inside, Linus woke up feeling hot. He looked up and saw black smoke filling the room. He got up as fast as possible and quickly ran down the inflamed hallway. He saw the door that leads to the outside. He tried to get closer but suddenly it was covered with rocks and burning parts of the house.

“HELP!!!” Linus screamed but it was no use. He was locked up inside the burning house.

He looked outside and saw his brother and parents running towards their old, pick-up truck. Louis looked back to the house but he didn’t stop. Linus cried soft tears of pain. Louis turned away and continued to climbs on the truck. Linus’ tears continue to roll down from his checks. He was left all forgotten inside the house. Neither his parents remembered him. Not even his brother who loved him.

“No,” he whimpered. “I won’t let this happen. I’ll have my revenge.”

The house soon explodes into bigger flame. All of its pieces flew to the ground and no sign of anything there was left, except for a small locket. While the firemen were igniting the fire, one of them found a small locket inside a burned drawer. It used to look like a heart but now it was dissolved into a shape that was unexplainable. But the fireman managed to open it and saw a picture of Linus and Louis while three words were written below it.

“Best Brothers Forever”

The words that used to show emotion but now were just plain words.


5 months has passed. Louis and his family forgot the fire. Though, they remembered Linus. They have his ashes which were found from the fire taken. They buried him in great honour. Louis took his funeral hard, though all of his troubles were soon gone when a university heard about him. They gave him a scholarship because of his great intelligence.

His parents eventually entered a lottery and won a million dollars. They manage to buy a house just above the lot were their own house used to stand. Luckily, the people who used to live in squatters were told to leave their house. Now, the place turned into a small public village. Louis’ father found a great job as a sales man while his mother tried to open a salon which became a huge success! Louis also managed to find a girlfriend named Juliet. He met her in the new university where he would enter for college. Juliet said that she was also been choose their and she would try to enter with the offered scholarship for her.

On the night before Louis’ big test for the scholarship, his parents left him home alone. Louis grew excited since it’s his first time to be alone at home without his babysitter Leonarda. Leonarda was a 21, unemployed woman from next door. She is very nice but very annoying in some times.

Louis jumped on the couch and turned on his laptop. He searched for a lot of smart videos and trivia games. He also searched for a lot of horror stories online. He read for hours and hours. Later on, after searching for endless horror stories, Louis started to feel tired. So he closed his laptop and went to the bathroom just down the hallway. But something didn’t felt so right. When he passed a portrait of his family, him, his father, mother and Linus, there’s something missing. Linus was nowhere from the image! Louis turned back, he saw his brother again. Louis was getting freaked out.

“Don’t worry Louis,” he told himself. “It’s just your imagination. You’ve been reading too much horror stories.”

Suddenly, the light from the living room flickered on and off. Louis was shaking. But he shook his head and said to himself. “Maybe the power switch in the basement just looses a tread.”

He ran into the bathroom as quick as possible and shut the door. He panted and thinks to himself, “I think there’s a thief in the house.” He approached the mirror with caution to brush his teeth. He looked into the mirror and tried to look for the toothbrush. He opened the mirror’s case and found his navy blue toothbrush. He brushed his teeth as fast as possible so he could easily rush outside afterwards. He washed his toothbrush and spit the toothpaste from his mouth.

But when he looked up, he saw something from behind. He looked around and saw nothing. Thinking it was his imagination, he turned his attention back to the mirror. He turned his head and saw something different in the reflection.

It was his brother Linus! His shoulder-length hair was stained with blood, mostly fresh. His skin was half burned, mostly his arms and around his eyes. But the thing that made Louis really shiver was his brother’s eyes. His left eye was blue while the other one was green.

“Linus,” he said while shivering. “What happened?”

“Can’t you remember,” Linus laughed while coming out of the mirror. “You left me, your brother, burning in ashes.”

“What happened to your eye?”

“Oh, it looks like you’ve noticed. I killed one of those naughty people who had put our house on fire. And well, I’ve lost an eye in the fire. This man has these beautiful eyes. I thought it would look good on me.”

Linus’ ghost soon grinned and was finally out of the mirror. He approached his now trembling.

“Linus, brother,” Louis whispered. “Please stop this madness.”

“I’m sorry,” Linus grinned deviously. “I’m not your brother anymore.”

He kicked his older brother towards a shelf with soaps and shampoo. Louis feels into the tub while shampoos feel onto him. Blood soon mixed with the shampoo. He panted loudly but he didn’t give up that quickly. He rises to his foot, feeling tired but not weak.

“Linus,” Louis stated. “I’m sorry.”

Linus’ eyes widened. “Why are you saying that? You know that I hate you because you betrayed me, don’t you?”

“No Linus. I’m sorry because I need to do this!”

He suddenly jumped and tackled Linus to the ground. Linus’ head hits the door. Linus struggled and cursed as his brother punches his face. Linus started to bleed. Moments later when Louis knew that Linus was not moving anymore, he stood up and headed to the faucet. There was blood sprayed all over his shirt and hands so he has to wash himself his parents will not get the wrong idea.

He opened the faucet and started washing his hands. Unaware, Linus was carefully standing up. He has a devious grin on his face. Louis leaned down to spit before turning the faucet. But when he faced the mirror, he saw his brother behind him. Linus took Louis from behind his head and with all his might, pushed him towards the mirror. The glass shattered into pieces because of the strong impact.

“Remember Louis,” Linus laughed. “Ghosts, never, DIE!”

He took his brother away from the pieces. His brother was badly bleeding. Linus held him by his shirt. Linus took out a 15 inches bowie knife. He faced his weak brother. His face continues to bleed every second. Shattered pieces of glass pierced into his face. Louis can’t see his younger brother because his “brother” broke it while smashing his face into the mirror.

“Any last words dear brother?” Linus laughed.

After that, everything became a blurry image.


“Why Louis,” Louis mother cried.

In front of them was their son, dead. His right eye was missing. His limbs cut and all of his organs were hung around the bathroom. Blood stained from the tub to the floorings. It was a horrible sight, as if you were in a slaughterhouse.

“Misses Jones,” Louis’ girlfriend Juliet called out. “I heard that Louis died.”

“I’m so sorry Juliet,” Louis’ mother replied. “But in great agony, yes, Louis is gone.”

Juliet stopped walking. She peeked inside and saw the horrifying dead body of his lover and his organs hung around the walls. She broke into tears and hugged Louis’ mother. In the living room, Louis’ father was being interviewed by one of the police.

“Yes, he’s a very smart kid sir,” Louis’ father said.

“Does he have a rival sir?” the police asked.

“I know nothing about it.”

“When did you leave your kid?”

“We left the house about 9 o’ clock sir.”

“Did he have anyone like a guardian in the house?”


“Lastly, did you and your wife lock every door and window?”

“Yes, there was no sign of open doors or window.”

“This is one tough crime. We’ll stay here to investigate. And I’m very sorry about the lost of your son.”

But in the end, no one knew who killed Louis. Everyone was unsure about the scene. It was impossible that it was suicide. It’s murder alright. No one knows about the scene and trouble that happened during the night.