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7 February 2011

Okay, so this happened sometime this year, and I remember the post well, except that I believe it has been removed. I wonder if you're familiar with It's a paranormal forum that's based in America, and most of the users are American. Anyway, one day in February, a new post popped up in Paranormal Help and Advice and me, being the nosy arse I am, I decided to check it out.

It was a rather random post, a young woman had come up, and said that 'OMG PLZ HELP SOM1 HAS PUT A CURSE ON MY HUSBAND!' in capitals, and that was all it said, I thought that it was funny that all of this was in capitals, as Anybodythere is a rather laid back site, and quiet and polite. Anyway, gathering that this woman was in distress, I replied 'Okay, well listen, how are you sure that this is a curse? Are there any tell tale signs?' I left it at that, and after a couple of days a few more users had replied to the thread, but the woman still hadn't answered.

So here I am, with a woman that's had a curse on her, and no reply.Then, around a week later, there was one reply, and it was from the woman.It read, 'tHeRe CoMiNG'. I laughed this of as a hoax, I mean, at this point, the Slenderman was a huge thing on Anybody there, and when people were talking about him, they wrote like this.

A few more weeks went by, and I followed the thread closely out of morbid curiosity, and more and more meaningless and cryptic messages kept coming on, I ignored these until one day an image file came up. I can't remember what it was called, but I tried to open it and it didn't work. I was lucky. Other members said it worked for them, and that it 'mindfucked' them. They said it was incredibly creepy and "wrong". More and more threads on Paranormal help appeared, and they said it was all linked to that picture I would love to know if anybody knows what picture this is, it's supposed to drive people insane.

Thanks a bunch