Anyone Else Have a Story like This?

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Hello, what I'm about to tell you is true, if you're looking for something extremely scary, move along because I’m here for answers.

About when I was ten My sister and her friends were having a sleepover, I didn't have many friends at the time so I usually joined in with whatever they were doing. They were playing a game with cards, red = yes and black = no, you would ask the spirits a question and based on the color card you would get an answer from the spirits. It started off funny at first but then my sister said something that started this entire thing. She asked her friends if they wanted to hear a story, about me, when I was around five. They all said they did but there was one condition. She stressed that they cover my ears and hold them so tight I would not be able to hear anything at all.

They agreed to do it. I never told anyone but I was gifted with very sharp hearing, I don't mean that I could hear stuff from a mile away, but when something was a little muffled I could hear clear as crystal. Anyways back to the story. Before I start getting to the creepy stuff I should say I did not live in a good neighborhood at the age of 5, my family could barley afordd a house and at the age of 6-7 I was in a homeless shelter, anyways she started the story.

I was playing ball with my dad in the house since a taboo was outside, taboo meaning dust storm, I think that’s the word, if it’s not I apologize, my dad bounced the ball a little to hard on the ground and it bounced over my head and into the basement that was directly behind me. I ran into the basement to get the ball but unfortunately the lights were out except one flickering light. When I reached the bottom of the stairs the ball wasn't anywhere to be seen. I looked everywhere but I started to get extremely scared, like a child would be when the lights go out, because I was scared of the dark. When abruptly out of nowhere a face came out of the dark, if any of you have seen the SCP story where you walk down the stairs and then you see a face come out of the dark then you know about the face that I saw.

You're probably expecting he told me that he killed my family and then skinned my dad or something, or he was my dad, no, there was just the lone face in the dark and he reached out with his long hands and gave me the ball back smiled and said, "Run along now." while grinning. When I went upstairs my dad and mom just laughed but I could tell by the look on my sister's face, she believed me.

I didn't remember it until my sister told the story, but the reason I'm so shaken by it now is because I can't stop seeing it in my dreams. Usually you can take control of your dream self and be you in the dream, but I can't move. I don't have a body. All I can see is, for lack of a better term, the zoomed in face of this creature. Please if anyone has experienced what I am going through comment on this Creepypasta, don't leave me in the dark. I would feel more sane if I knew there was someone who knows what this being is.