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In our lives many crazy things happen. As a student who had just recently graduated from college I was wanting to move out of the house and get my own job to support myself with my career in graphic design and hopefully be able to find a job somewhere.

For two more months I lived in my parents house working at a local 7- Eleven store to make some money so I could be able to afford a decent apartment. I went apartment hunting the day I got my final check I had saved up about 2500$ including change, I found a couple of local places in the city I lived in Las Vegas.

What I found wasn't great or spectacular just decent. I had been searching for days when I turned my head over to the phone book and I had found an add in bottom corner of the yellow pages Apartment On XXXX XXXX ST. sorry had to blank out the street just for privacy. And it said only 50$ a month so I thought how great of an offer it would be. So I called the person living there and he told me that he was tired of the noise problems going on next door, I took it as a simple taping noise which never seemed to bother me even as a kid.

We met up outside at his apartment and we both talked for awhile, He told me the noise problems like screams and other stuff however never said to much about the actual apartment. Finally we closed the deal and I finally had a place to live on my own I was just to excited that after so many years of living in my parents house were over.

The first couple nights were peaceful nothing seemed to go down a couple problems with the air conditioner tho very loud and annoying but I had plans of getting that fixed long before. A couple days past and I had started to hear weird noises next door I had gone over to see if I could kindly ask the people or whoever it was to stop. I went over to my neighbours apartment he was to the left side of me which is were I was hearing all the noises from.

A number which was crudely scratched up said Apartment 13 with his first and last name written on a small plague: Craig Smith, I had knocked on his door and he answered it and started with a rude voice.

"What do you want?" he said.

I told him that I was hearing groaning noises from your apartment simply he replied, "I don't know what your talking about so I suggest you leave." I went back to my apartment and fell asleep.

Week 2: Every Night the noises got even worst groaning turned into crying and soon followed was screaming they all seemed to happen at 2 to 3 AM as well not ending to about 4:30 I couldn't sleep because of this which why I know the exact times. Finally I got tired of all the noises and went to the closes phone I could find and called the police. I had told them my story and about 30mins after I called a patrol car had came and found that no one was on the property that the apartment had nobody in it. I was pretty freaked out but I had no time to worry I had to wake up at 8 just to go to work and these noises all just have to put up with.

Week 3: The noises won't stop can see what the original owner was talking about nothing but tears creepy laughs grown and more scary tones of sobbing I wanted to know what was going on when I noticed a small hole of light coming from the wall, I had never seen it there before so I went closer to see what it was. I looked threw the hole and I saw a woman on the floor with knife wounds all around her body with Craig on top of her or some other man couldn't tell because of the creepy mask he was wearing.

I got my cellphone out and filmed whatever footage I could so that I could show the police and maybe getting this guy arrested for good. I went down to the closes station and had shown them the footage and about 3 patrol cars arrived at the seen one behind the apartment and two in front. The first officer kicked down the door and saw the dead woman's body along with the man fleeing from the scene.

The cop that was parked behind the building managed to capture him and later took off his mask and sure enough it was Craig. He was taking to jail that night and couple nights later was charged with the murder of 2 women he had killed he got a mere 2 year sentence because his parents had worked for Chevy as car designers for about 20 years and were living a life of wealth. not only that but he would also need to show the bodies of the victims he had killed.

2 Years later: A lot has happen since that day and I will never forget it, I got myself a license with a small gaming company in Arizona and planned to move there next week so I would need to sell my apartment. A man about 40–42 years old came up to me asking if I was interested in selling my Apartment. I told the due amount I was leasing it out for and we came to a closed deal. On the signing sheet I had noticed his signature Craig Smith this guy can't be the same can he.

About 1 week later: I had moved in to my small house in Arizona and I received a phone call from my parents saying that locally on the news video footage was shown of my old Apartment and the whole place set to flames. I was shocked to hear the news and said that nobody made it out except for one person Craig who was later arrested and sentenced to life in prison. His face was later shown off on live TV in a court room and he was giving his final words.

I couldn't kill 14, the same apartment I had lived in funny to say that I could have died but then I could have saved 13 other lives because of this. I will never forget that day nor will I plan on thinking anymore about it. I can still hear the screams the groans the crying and all the lives that were lost in the incident hopefully this well get out of my mind along with Apartment 13. THIS IS OC.