Apartment 13B

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My name is Andrew Reese, Im currently 22 and single. I just moved out of my parents' house and stayed and my buddy Jerry's for a little while. Then I found an apartment where I could stay, I stayed in apartment 13B it was pretty big. Once I finished unpacking which was easy, since I have only a small amount of stuff, I went out to greet the neighbors. They seemed pretty surprised when they found out where I was staying. Almost all of them told me that no ones lived there in about 3 years and everytime someone tried, they would disappear the next day. I was pretty freaked out. Then I met this girl, about 2 apartments away from mine. She was the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen, she had light brown hair and blue eyes. Her name was Mona Foxx. I asked if she would get some coffee with me sometime, luckily she said yes.

My first night when I was about to fall asleep, I heard an ear piercing shriek and a loud THUMP. I jumped out of bed to check the time, it was 3:33, I checked it out, but when I tried to get out of the bed room I stepped one a huge piece of glass, I tried to take it out but it was to deep. I was wondering how it got there. I don't even own anything that was glass. I tried to go back to sleep and get over the pain.

The next day I couldn't feel my leg, I called Mona to take me to the hospital, The doctor said that there were traces of  snake venom in my wound. The doctor says it could be temporary or in can be permanent they couldn't identify what kind of snake it was.

The second night at the same time, I heard a tapping at my window. It drove me insane. It wouldn't stop, when I tried to check it out it suddenly stoped, so when I went back to bed it got insanely loud, My heart started beating fasted every time it tapped. Then, it stopped I checked the time, It was already 6:53.

Then it was like that for 6 nights, I kinda got used to it.

The seventh night, I was wondering why it stopped, then suddenly, when I went to the living room to get a drink since my throat was extremely dry, I turned one the light and there it was, written in pure red blood GET OUT. NOW. OR I WILL...

I suffered 5 sleepless nights....

The thirteenth night, At exactly 3:33 AM I finally fell asleep, then I smelled a burning sensation, When I went to the living room, I stood there, looking at Mona's lifeless body, she was mysteriously hung with her guts hanging out.

If you are reading this then you might have found my body by now. I was suffering, I couldn't sleep, The neighbors were right.


This is Andrew's suicide note, all of his belongings are being inspected now, it seems that he was having hallusinations, it drove him crazy that he decided to kill himself.