Apple Company Is Watching Us

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It was 2009 and I was with my brother at the Apple store. My brother got some dirty stains on his green shirt which everyone was looking at. I was using a MacBook at Apple, but strange things began to happen.

I was going to log in to my Facebook, but as I was typing in my Email, the computer suddenly entered in the message:


I was very nervous, but I had no idea things were about to get worse Pop-ups of pictures, music, and videos appeared. Then YouTube opened, and some other programs to. I called my brother. To his surprise, the MacBook wrote on the YouTube search bar:


I called a worker from the Genius bar. I told him about the situation and he rushed over. The assistant switched off the computer and booted it back up.

He told me to clear my history and everything would work out fine. He left happily, while I had a traumatized and paranoid look. On the way home, I looked out the car's back window to see if any cars from the mall parking lot were following us. But no one from there was anywhere near me.

Up to this day I never liked Apple products, even though I have an iPhone 4. I'm scared something bad will happen.