April and Stitchy

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"Max, Matt come on!" Jacob said with a big smile across his face.

Matt ran to the door to tell Jacob the news.

"Didn't you here, Max was murdered."

A big frown came across Jacobs face.

"I'll find that killer! Matt, wanna stay up with me?"

A stupid grin came across Matt's face. Jacob could tell that he would say a definite yes. It was nearly night time when a knock was heard near the front of the house.

"Maybe Max wasn't murdered." Jacob said as his face lit up with happiness.

"I'll go check the door." Jacob said sprinting for the door.

Jacob screamed as blood splashed into the living room. The person walked swiftly and quietly into the room. The girl looked similar to Jeff, except the clothing was a little differently and she had a scar on her face. She had a bizarre tattoo on her arm.

"I am gonna get yOU!" The girl said. Her voice sounded like nails on a chalk board.

Matt ran into the hallway through the girls legs. The girls skirt flew up. He had thought of something to do to slow her down. He ran into his bedroom and locked the door behind him. The killer was slamming on the door. Matt had to think fast. Eventually the door flew open and the girl was standing there looking really angry. She repeated the words.

Her voice sounded normal, but there was a lot of anger in her voice. Suddenly the front door flew open. A guy ran into the hallway and attacked her. The girl kicked him in his shin. Both of them ran out the door. The next day the news was on TV, his parents were back from vacation. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Matt hid under the table. Suddenly the door opened and a reporter, a camera man, and a bunch of people came in. They asked Matt a bunch of questions. After all that it was night. Matt ran into the basement and locked the door.

Suddenly the light flicked on. Matt's face was red as an apple. The girl was there again. Except she was in shorts and a tank top that was kinda see through. The girl walked towards him. Matt's face blushed until the point his face could be mistaken for an apple.

The dryer door opened and the same guy jumped out of the dryer. Matt yelped because of how the guy looked. He had stitches around his lips and had metal spikes for hair. "DUMBO!?" the guy yelled. As soon as his hands hit the floor he sprang for the girl. She turned around and said "HERE'S APRIL!?" she yelled . The next thing Matt knew he passed out.

When Matt woke up it was morning. Matt felt something in his hand. He looked over, it was a red dandelion. Matt's face blushed again. He looked over at the couch. The girls tank top was there. Matt's face blushed even more. Suddenly Matt decided to go back in the basement. He went down there and turned on the light. The basement was covered in blood. He went towards the door. On the door there was a phone number written in blood. Matt ripped it off the door and ripped it up. Matt freaked out and ran into his room.