Araceli's Story

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Hey there, I'm Chris, and this is a true story from and about my good friend Araceli. It's essentially a haunted video game story, if a simple one.

To start off, when she was sixteen (16), Ari, as we call her, was experiencing problems with her Xena: Warrior Princess video game disc, for the original PlayStation.

So one time, she was up at around 2:45 am, and decided to pop the disc in, cuz she was stuck on "this one freaking level". So she puts the disc in, loads the save file, but instead of the usual cinematics, she gets a black screen and an EAR PIERCING SCREAM. Not a generic sounding scream, or a soundbyte, an ACTUAL SCREAM. She describes it as the scream of a woman who had just watched her husband or child get murdered or something.

I wondered if her parents might have woken up, but apparently there's some pretty thick concrete between their rooms. So Ari decided it was a glitch or something, and she's play it in the morning. So she went back to bed, got up in the morning, and tried again. Same thing happened. So she figures, "Nope, this is a corrupted file." and started a new game on a new file. She was pretty mad about it, too.

And guess what happens? She gets so far, and then suddenly, BLACK SCREEN, and SCREAM again. So what she does is, she stops playing it for a while, then takes the game and the memory card over to a friend's house and decides to try it there. And they start playing, and Ari's expecting to hear the scream because, well, the game had to be ruined, right? Nope. No scream. Game played perfectly. Nothing corrupted.

And she goes home thinking "WTF?" and turned it on there. Cue scream. She had her best friend and boyfriend over at one time to hear it, and one of them (she said "he" so it was probably the boyfriend) pissed his pants.

She never played that game again. She burned it, and the PlayStation too.

Now, that might seem like something that's just out of place, but here's the thing: She had a good reason to believe it was haunted. Because a year earlier, Ari had found out that a child of the previous occupants of the home had died. And been buried there. Right underneath Ari's room. That's messed up. But apparently, after she burned the game and the console, she never had a problem again. Or maybe she just moved out early.

Araceli is an active member of Silent Hill Wiki. She loves horror, and many of us, myself included, consider her our "MommaGamer". She is now 27 and lives happily with a husband, Jarrod (DaddyGamer) and two children. Once her parents have passed, she will inherit the house. She does plan to use it once more.