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These are my last words. I came across a black widow spider a few days ago. It was pretty big for a spider, almost 7 inches. Me hating spiders, I stepped on it. I shouldn’t have. After that, the days later got more and more horrible.

The day after I crushed the spider, I told some friends at school about the size of the spider. They didn’t seem impressed. During the lunch period, I saw another black widow, this time a little bigger. The spider just stared at me, and I stared back. My friend Drew asked if everything was OK. I asked him if he saw the spider. “What spider dude? There’s just the floor.” That scared me since it was still there when he said that. I got up to throw away the lunch food and made sure to step on it.

After school, while I was walking home, I could feel something crawling on my arm. I jumped and started brushing my arm frantically only to see another damn black widow, this one much bigger. About 2 feet! I crushed it with my backpack, since my foot wouldn’t be enough. I ran home leaving my backpack on the spider. I don’t care if it got stolen.

When I got home, my mother had some questions. “What’s wrong? Where’s your backpack?” I replied: “I saw a spider about 2 feet long! I am being chased by this spider! It started yesterday mom! I crushed it and it keeps growing every time I see it! My friend Drew didn’t see it!” My mom told me that was no reason to have left my backpack, that

someone probably could have stolen it. She told me to go get it before someone stole it. I reluctantly went to go get it. Nothing was stolen which was amazing.

That night, I heard something clatter in my mom’s room. I already knew what it was. I reached to my phone, but it was gone. Dammit! I remembered that my dead father had a hunting rifle in the living room. I went down to the living room to get the rifle. It was loaded. As I went back to my room, I decided to get a quick glimpse into my mom’s room. What I saw was horrible. The same black widow, this time it was about the size of me, was devouring my mom. I ran upstairs as quiet as possible. I locked my door and crawled into bed putting the rifle next to me.

I was awakened by the sound of the spider scratching at my door. I knew I was next. I sent a quick text to my friends saying I’m not going to make it to school today. I sat upright in my bed, got the rifle ready and aimed at my door. The door was about to break. I made a quick prayer. The door broke down.

Goodbye friends.