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You ever hear of the TV show "Archie's Funhouse"? It was a very underrated 70's show with some great jokes, some great songs, and based off a great comic book, which is still going strong even to this day. Unfortunately, it was over-shadowed by another Archie show, by which I can't remember the name.

I received this DVD for Easter, and after I watched a few episodes, I was hooked. The overall cheesiness of it kept me coming back every time. There was some sort of appeal to it that kinda made me addicted to it. So, on August 12, 2011, my friend came over to my house, as we were gonna watch some YouTube videos, but he wanted to see my DVD's. I showed him my DVD's, but about halfway through, when I showed him the DVD for Archie's Funhouse, and he just repeated "Oh my God" a few times.

I asked him what whats up, and he told me about a rumour he heard on the Internet from another Archie's fan. My friend wasn't a fan of Archie, he just liked myths that involved DVD's, Blu-rays, Video Games, etc., and he said that the rumour is to put in the second disc, go to the episode listings, go to the last episode on the list, and hold down the left button for a certain time, a new episode would appear.

Me and my friend loved testing out tech myths. We tried the Sonic R Tails Doll trick, that didn't work, we tried the Madden NFL 09 myth to unlock a team called The Devils, and that didn't work, so I kinda figured this would not work, like usual. We put the DVD in my PS3, and we went to the last episode, and I used a pencil taped to a chair to push the analog stick to the left. For the next 30 or 40 minutes, we were watching YouTube video's on my iPod Touch, when suddenly the theme song came up. I took the pencil off the chair and checked to see if the X button had been pushed, because if it hadn't, this really was a lost episode! We watched in awe as the animation was more crisp and clear then usual. Don't get me wrong, the animation sucked, but it was like it was this was a Blu-ray version of the show.

The episode started and, weirdly enough, the episode wasn't anything like the TV show. It was more like a comic strip. I checked the run time by pressing select, and it was also longer than a usual episode from the show. A regular episode would be about 25 minutes long, but this was 47 minutes! Now, let me explain something before I continue. This show was nothing like the comics. The comics had actual stories. This show, however, only had some cheap, corny jokes, songs, it was like a comedy skit. This episode was like the comics. It started with a fat man, kinda like Mr. Weatherbee, but more mean, was told by a man covered by shadows to steal money from Mr. Lodge, Veronica's dad.

I had to explain to my friend that this was happening cause Mr. Lodge was one of the 5 richest men in the world, as it was explained in the comics. The man then gave the fat guy a pistol and a bag. I was weirded out by this, as, why would a pistol be in a kids show? Who knows, let's just continue. It then cut to Veronica cutting a ribbon to a new museum, with her friends as well as Mr. Lode, cheering like crazy. As Mr. Lodge was clapping though, the fat man snuck up behind him, PISTOL WHIPPED HIM THREE TIMES, and took the money from his pockets, while a helicopter with a ladder came above him, and he jumped on the ladder while the helicopter flew away.

I paused the video, and me and my friend just stared at each other in dead silence. Both of us were speechless, but, the curious teens that we were, we continued on, completely invested on what would happen next. It cut to Mr. Lodge's vision as he woke up, while in the hospital. He then asked the doctor how long was he out.

The doctor then said something about expecting him to have amnesia. Mr. Lodge just repeated the same question. The doctor said "7 hours". Mr. Lodge than stood up extremely quickly and asked "Where's Veronica?". The docter said it was 1:00 AM, and she had to leave cause visiting time was over. Mr. Lodge just said OK, and fell back to sleep. A time card said "6 months later", and it was at Archie's home. Archie told his mother "Did you hear?". The mother asked what, which Archie replied "The guy that almost killed Mr. Lodge was murdered today". "By Who?", Archie's dad said, as he just walked in the room. "I don't know, probably the police or someone.

He was found in the alleyway by Channing Street". It made its final cut to the Lodge house, where, that's it, the shot just stayed on the Lodge house, no other camera movements. Screaming was heard, most likely from Veronica, and some desperate cries by Mr. Lodge, but then you could see at the far right of the house, a body fall out the window, fall several stories, and land on a picket fence. The DVD went back to the episode listing, with the episode no where to be seen. Me and my friend just stared at each other until my friend said "I think I should probably leave now". I rushed to the phone and dialed his number for him. We were to scared to even explain our fears to each other. He left shortly after, and before I turned off my PS3, it turned off by itself, and not for the reason you're thinking. It overheated. I took out the DVD and put it in the case, not even looking at the DVD's. But I wonder.... What if I did the same thing for disc one?