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Every spring, I would travel out into the country to visit my uncle. I’ll leave out his name just out of respect. He lived in a cottage out in the forest with his dog. There was no electricity so I’d never get to use the phone or watch television. I still loved going there. My uncle was the manager at a convenience store in town. I loved him and always enjoyed my visits.

In 2012, I was supposed to stay at his cottage for two weeks but I only stayed for eight days. One morning, he woke me up and told me that I needed to go home. I wasn’t disappointed like I would’ve been. I was more concerned with the look on my uncle’s face that morning. He looked as though he was absolutely scared. Like something horrible was happening. His skin was pale like a ghost and his eyes had that look as though he’d been crying. He seemed like he was in a rush to get me out of there. He had already packed my stuff. I kept asking him what was wrong but he wouldn’t answer.

I never saw him again. I sent him tons of letters but I’d never get a response. When I had enough money to spend on gas, I drove out there early this year. I arrived to find the place different from what I remembered. The trees surrounding the cottage seemed to be dead and falling apart with brown leaves and snapping branches. There were no animals like there used to be. The sight of squirrels in the trees and the sound of the birds had been replaced by complete silence. The cottage looked deserted. I didn’t go inside just yet. I wandered around the area.

Outback was the toolshed. The door had been torn from its hinges. It was about twenty feet away from the shed. It looked like someone was seriously in a hurry to get inside. I went in only to find nothing. So I went back to the cottage. The door wasn’t locked. Going inside, the place was full of cobwebs. Framed photos hanging on the walls had been knocked down. The entire place was bathed in dust as if nobody had been here in a long time. On the kitchen table, I found a few pieced of paper. Notes that my uncle had written.

This is what the first one read,

“The date is March 22nd. I’ve been hearing strange noises outside for the last few days. The house was shaking and I heard the sound of some animal. It sounded big and threatening. Yesterday morning, I couldn’t find my dog Argo. He was just gone as if he never existed. Last night, I saw what had caused all of this. It’s a monster. It walks on all fours and it’s about twelve feet tall. It seemed to only come out at night and its body seemed to be made entirely out of decaying flesh and bones. Each night, I can hear it out there and it sounds closer every time. I don’t know what this monster is but I tried to run out to my truck but this beast was so strong, it tossed the truck like fifteen feet in the air and slammed it against a tree. I’m too scared to leave the house but I’m going to try and escape. This monster moves slowly but I’m not sure if I could get away. I don’t know what will happen next but I want my family to know I love them. They’re really the only ones that ever kept me going but now this looks like the end. Goodbye.”

The second note didn’t have anything written on it but it had this drawing on it.

File:Strange creature.jpg
What the fuck is that?

I didn’t want to believe what the note said. I wanted to believe this was all some big joke. My uncle always had a sense of humor but this seems too hard to believe. Moments later, I heard noise outside. Something echoing from further out in the forest. It sounded like a large animal in a lot of pain. The sound of footsteps began to get louder. The sun was starting to go down. I knew it was coming for me. I hopped in my car and got the fuck out of there.

Driving down the trail to the main road, I looked behind me before the cottage was no longer in sight. I saw some large silhouette move towards it from behind the trees. It looked like an elephant for something. It was huge.

A lot of time has gone by. I loved my visits to my uncle’s cottage. Now I’ll never make anymore visits.