Are You Paranoid?

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It's not ghosties and ghoolies that scare people, it's the fear of it happening to you. It's rare that you feel for a 'character' in a horror story, it's the way that it can relate to you. The fear of living the story. The fear of it not being a story any more. The fear. When you're watching or reading something scary, sure you may be scared but after you've forgotten about it. For example a jump scare; it makes you jump, but you get over it. But telling a kid a story of a monster, may just make him check under his bed every night. And that's the beauty of the fear. The paranoia.

I run every scenario out in my head. I'm looking in the mirror, I'll imagine a million ways for something bad to happen; the mirror cracks, a face appears, blood starts dripping from my eyes etc. Always waiting for something to happen. It became more then fear, it became a dependency. It came to when I wanted something to happen. I need something to happen. It was torture watching as nothing happened.

But the truth is, nothing ever does happen, nothing supernatural anyway. It's not as if a switch just clicked for me to realize, but a long time of realization. The fear of the fear never going away. Because even though you know it's not real, a little part of you thinks it is. This part is what I call the fear.

I'm not so lucky, but you are! Well, you might be... Now I stop the fear for people, I'm a crusader! I should be treated with nothing but respect. I take away the fear! I make the fear a reality! I'm the person hiding in the shadows! I'm the person watching you sleep! I'm the person you see out the corner of your eye! I'm the person in the corner of your mirror! I'm the person under your bed!

Some people don't believe in taking the fear away. Some people believe the fear is nothing more than a myth. And others believe I'm simply mad. But they're just scared. It’s the fear of the fear being there.

I've just been let out of prison for 'stalking' a woman, until she committed suicide, and this isn't a warning, but a notice, a notice that you will soon be free. I will not stop until every man, woman and child accepts that there is something in the shadows! There is someone watching you sleep! There is someone in the corner of your eye! There is someone in the corner of your mirror! And there is someone under your bed!

Once everyone can accept that, we can all move on! People aren't scared when they are with other people, they only get scared when they are alone, so if people can accept that there is someone in the shadows, then people won't be alone so they can't get scared as they're with other people, right? It's better for everybody! Sure it's going to be a tough time to start with, but you'll get used to it... Just watch your back... Are you Paranoid?

- Mr. P