Are You Scared?

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I’m not scared!

I’m not scared about that house! They say that it’s haunted, that house on 43rd street. The bungalow with white walls.

It doesn't seem like it is. It even looks more modern than our house!

But still, they say it’s haunted. It’s cursed. It’s damned.

Ever since the Jeffersons left, stories and rumors spread through the neighborhood like the plague.

Some say anyone who goes in never comes out. No one knows, maybe they die in there. But some say Mark Leiland, one of our neighbors, got out. But no one’s really sure if he did go in. And he’s dead now. Got ran over by a pickup truck the next day.

Some say the Jeffersons themselves cursed the house. They hated everyone, and everyone hated them. But honestly, no one saw them the night they left. Some even say they never left. They’re just there, inside the house. Waiting for a victim. For an adventurous guy who’ll fall for their trap. Then they’ll feed on the unlucky fool.

Or maybe… They’re just another victim of that house.

Are you scared? What, you are?

You’re a chicken!

C’mon, you gotta see this! Come with me.

We gotta see this. This opportunity is rare. We’re just gonna check it out. I, Jake Morris, will take care of you, I promise.

Are you gonna come, or what? If you want to, continue reading.
If not, it’s fine. Just don’t look behind you.

Really? You’re coming?


C’mon! We don’t have time to waste!

Move! Don’t be slow!

We’re almost there!

Let’s run!

What? You tired? We’re here!

Hey! Let’s go inside!

What? How do we go in?

Uhh... I don’t know. Haven’t thought about that.

Let’s try the front door.

Haha, of course, it won’t work. It’s gonna be locked. This is sil-

  • click*


It’s… It’s open? Damn, we’re lucky!

Haha! Hahaha! I can’t believe it!

C’mon! Let’s go in!

Huh? You’re being such a pussy. C’mon, let’s go. Be brave. You’re not a kid anymore.

It’s dark inside, you can’t see a thing. Are you going in?
If you are, continue reading.
If not, you better not sleep tonight. You might not wake up.

Cool, let’s do this.

I brought flashlights. Here, take one.

Switch it on, dummy. There, better. Let me see, hmm, this seems normal. And… And modern!

It’s not even a bit creepy! Haha! Wait, shut the door. You don’t want to? Eh, I knew you were a scaredy cat. I’ll do it.

There. Closed.

Hey, wait, a light switch! Let’s try it, we got nothing to lose.

  • click*

Lights! Lights! They have lights?

B-but why?

They still have power supply?

But they've been gone for six months!

H-how could this- this-

This is awesome! Totally kickass weird! Let’s go around! C’mon, you check the left side, I’ll go right. Let’s split, kay?

Don’t be a pussy now!

See ya in a minute!


Jake left you alone.

You have no choice. He’s so repulsive. What could you do? Okay, just play along with him. Just for him to stop bugging you.

You go left. It’s really weird for them to leave their power supply on. Maybe they just went on vacation. And they’re coming back. Or maybe they’re just here.

You spot another light switch in a dark room. You turn on the lights. You’re in the kitchen. You look around. Everything’s clean. Why is everything clean?

Even the living room was clean.

You see a fridge. You walk to it. Then you notice something red dripping from the hinges. Red liquid.

Is it – is it what you think it is?

Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Are you gonna open the fridge?

Open the fridge or not? You've come this far, open it, dammit!
If you don’t want to, don’t ever open your closet again.

You open it. Red jam. It spilled.

Uh, it should be horrendously smelly, but it isn't.

No foul smell?

You look inside. Food is everywhere. They look fresh.

Then someone grabs your shoulder.



Hey, I’m back! It’s all clear. What you get? Nothing? I knew it. nothing very interesting. All I know is they still have their power supply.

Well, whatever.

Let’s go home. I’m bored. What a ripof – …………………………………………………………………………………

Impossible. Impossible!

Look at the table! It’s coffee. It’s still hot!

Damn this. Damn this!

This is what I’m talking about!

Or maybe someone’s tripping on us.

Okay, joke’s over!

Wait, have you checked that door? You haven’t yet?

Let’s check it out!

Are you gonna open the door? If you are, then do it. If not…

You opened it! Nice!

It’s a basement.

Let’s go down. C’mon.

Okay, you opened it. I’ll go first.

This is so cool! And so dark.

Hey, I – I think I don’t wanna go down. I know we’re halfway, and I know I dragged you into this, but… But I think we've done good.

Let’s go.

What? You don’t wanna go?

Hey, are you telling me I’m a coward?

Are you telling me that I’m scared?!

Are you?!

Let me tell you, and I want you to keep this in mind. I’m not a pussy like you!



Jake’s shriek echoes in your ears.

Did he fall? You don’t know.

It’s too dark.

Are you gonna go after him?

Are you brave enough?

Are you scared?

You know the drill.

You’re not scared!

You switch your flashlight on. You go down the basement. It’s so cold. You look around.

It’s just a simple basement.

No sign of Jake.

What happened?

This is-


The door slammed!

You’re trapped!

Then something cold wraps around your waist.

You scream.

Then another hand grabs at you.


They’re all over you!

What are they?

Then the lights come on.

You expect monsters, or aliens, cannibals, and the like.

But they’re people.

Not just random people.

They’re your neighbors!

You look at the crowd and see Mark Leiland!

Oh no!

“Sweetheart, relax,” a woman says. You recognize her. It’s your mom!

“M-mom? B-but-”

“Happy birthday, honey!” she says. “It’s a double celebration, because we just bought the Jeffersons’ house! They left for Norway, and they said they weren't coming back, so they sold us their house!”

“But ... Mark Leiland…”

“He’s fine. He never died. He was just hospitalized. You kids make some nasty rumors.”

Oh, phew. So it was just a scam all along. You knew it. Jake just set you up. But, wait. Where’s Jake?


“Yes, sweetie?”

“Where’s Jake?”

“Jake who?”

“Jake Morris, our neighbor.”

“Jake… Morris? Sweetie, he’s dead. Died of old age. He was the first person who owned this house. The Jeffersons said he was very selfish.”

Oh, hell.

You suddenly hear a whisper.


Hey, I’m back! What? You liked my house? You won’t be staying long, though. You know, the Jefferson family originally had seven members. Haha, only two escaped to Norway. No, one and a half.

What? What’s with you? You’re shaking.