Are You There?

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This is my first creepypasta please give me feedback and bear in mind it was made in the last 5 minutes of class

Are you there?

Where are you hiding? I will find you someday.

But Where are you?

Why do you run?

You're not like the rest.

They just cower in fear as I come with my needle.

To experiment...

Where are you!?

Oh, I think I heard you trip.

There you are!

Quit running from me! 

You'll never escape.

I love it when you run.

Alas it doesn't help you 

I will find you,

And continue the operation.

First, I will cut you open.

Snip snip snip.

Then I will remove the heart.

So that I can have it.

He he.

I love getting a new heart.

Although it doesn't help for long.

I have to keep replacing it for a new one.

I have finally found you.

My little pretty.

Your heart is strong.

It will do me good.

In finding another.

Like that person.

Watching every word I say 

As if reading them off a screen 

They know to much.

I think I will hunt them next...