Are You a Fan of Beauty?

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Are you a fan of beauty?==

Are you a fan of beauty? You most certainly are because all of your hobbies, passions or interests are beautiful to you. Still beauty is so superficial to most people. So it misleads them. ALWAYS keep this in mind: Beauty is a camouflage from evil. This is not a creepypasta. This is a warning and an explanation although it might allready be too late for you. I am horrified to a point where i can hardly press the keys on my keyboard in my over-lighted room as it might take me...

Chapter 1

It all started when my wife and daughter came home this october evening, a very beautiful evening if im not mistaken, with a new family member. A small small dog with curly black fur and adorable brown shimmering eyes. It was this kind of dog that could sit on your knees for hours. Its previous owners had both died so my good hearted beautiful wife decided to adopt it. And to be honest i loved taking long walks to the lake as the setting sun warmed my face in the autumn air. I enyoyed watching the leaves