Aren't You Glad We Can Be Friends Again?

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Happiness became the crisp autumn mornings summer afternoons and the winter cold nights. Days began to turn into years and we would seem to grow up and nothing seemed to get in our way.

As if we were the best of friends, even more we considered ourselves brothers watching each other's backs. You'd stand by my side and I would stand by yours never backing down. We were just starting our Sophomore year of high school and I could recall you ignoring me, you were talking to a girl with big beaming blue eyes with thick curvy blonde hair that covered half of her face.

I could remember asking you,

"Hey who was that girl you were talking to?"

You'd only reply saying,

"Oh, she's just a friend.."

A couple days later at lunch you claimed her as your one and only, you had just fallen for her, I knew you took the turn for the worst ."SHE" had to ruin everything our friendship seemed to drift into a pit of darkness. You asked her and she said yes, you stopped talking to me! You stopped noticing me! You stopped being my friend!

I became a loner and sooner after that I felt like I was nothing. I knew I had to do it, it was to the point that it was just unbearable. 

This had to come to a stop so I did it for you rather I ended it for her. She's no longer with us, I have satisfied the feeling and I do not regret doing so. I knew you loved her so much, but, aren't you glad we can be friends again?