Aroma Lady Daisy

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"Finally, they're off~" I cheered, spinning around as I walked into the house. After six years of having braces, I was quite glad to finally have them off. I kept bouncing around until my head started hurting, which caused me to fall back onto our cream-coloured love seat. My dad shook his head, laughing at me, before telling me that he was going to go take a nap, and that I should wake him up in about an hour. I agreed, yawning myself. Having gotten up with only four hours sleep, I was quite tired as well.

I became aware of just how comfortable the love seat was, snuggling into it. "Stay awake." I muttered, knowing that I had to. My naps normally lasted about two hours, and my Dad would be late for his appointment if I didn't wake him up. I flicked on the TV, watching Animal Planet for a while. It was some show about parasites, so I quickly lost interest. After a bit, I realized I was dozing off, and became more determined to stay awake. I rolled over to look down the side of the love seat, surprised to see my DS sitting there.

I hadn't used my DS in quite a while, especially not out in the living room. I was almost positive that the last time I'd used it was about a month ago when I couldn't sleep, when I stayed up playing The World Ends With You. Considering my brother had just come home from college, though, I didn't think too much of it. Maybe he wanted his game back? I picked up the DS, checking what games it had as I made myself comfortable again. The DS game slot was empty, while the Game Boy Advance side held something I definitely hadn't played in a while: Pokémon Sapphire.

Figuring my brother had taken his game back as I thought, I started up the DS. I didn't even remember how far I'd gotten in Sapphire; I'd beaten Ruby before I got it, so I doubted I made it too far. I watched the title screen's animation for nostalgia's sake, before going to my file. I heard an odd beep along with the selection noise when I selected to continue. Even with my volume about halfway down, I jumped. The beep sounded odd. It was barely there, but reading Creepypastas had made me paranoid. I dismissed it as being some noise from the TV instead, as though that made sense.

I found myself in Route 110, right under the cycling road. Of course, to see just how far I was in the game, I went to look at my party. A Plusle, Marshtomp, Whismur and Taillow were all I had. I wondered to myself what I was thinking, but closed out. The Plusle had been my main reason for getting Sapphire- more so than Kyogre, at least. I decided to head down, just wandering around. I felt like exploring this game that I'd forgotten. I went past the trick house, not wanting to bother with a puzzle at that moment. I reasoned that I was too tired to put up with something like that, though I felt much more awake now than before I'd grabbed the DS.

Once I made it to route 103, I stopped at the edge of the water. I decided against surfing, as I noticed a patch of soil where you can plant berries. I checked my bag, seeing that I was low on pecha berries, and went to plant them. I realized that the berries would most likely wither because I wouldn't play the game for a long time after, but I disregarded it. As I walked past one of the trainers, though, she marched over to me to start up a battle. I figured I must have missed her when I was playing through before, and thought nothing of it as the music started up.

"Aroma Lady Daisy wants to battle!" The text box said. I looked at it in confusion, then pressed A. "But you weren't there." it continued. I stared at it- what? I saw the background of the screen go to greyscale, while Daisy and my trainer's back sprite stayed in colour. The petals floating around Daisy turned to grey, though; only her actual body stayed colourful. I stared at the screen, as the text continued. "Why weren't you there?" I didn't answer, figuring there would really be no point to. "Why didn't you play?"

I pressed A once again, seeing as how this was honestly more depressing than creepy. Yes, I felt guilty; especially looking at the cheerful sprite in front of me. All that did was affect the coloring again- Daisy's colours seemed to be even brighter, while my trainer's colours faded to greyscale as well. I hesitated and pressed A again, this time the text box returning. "Come play with us."

A box came up with the options Yes/No. Feeling bold for who knows what reason, I hit no. The game didn't react at first, until I saw Daisy's sprite change, her eyes opening wide. She had the same expression otherwise, still smiling cheerfully. The text returned in red.


At that point I heard the music start to glitch up pretty bad, which instantly took away my courage when combined with the unnatural stare I was getting. I swear, she didn't look like she was looking at my trainer sprite: she was staring up at me with that creepy smirk. I turned the power off, shut the DS, and shoved the volume off all in one motion, staring at my DS. I shook my head, and tossed it off to the side, watching it land near our fireplace a couple yards away. I pushed myself back into the love seat, shaking a little. It was more imagination at that point; too many Creepypastas had made me paranoid. I stared over at the DS and curled up in a ball, just watching it.

I was staring up at the ceiling then. The odd change in my sight confused me, and I bolted up, looking around. I realized that I was laying comfortably on the love seat as I had been before, and became aware of the fact that I was shaking. That was odd. I looked over at the clock, seeing that only twenty minutes had passed. Turning over, I also noticed my DS wasn't sitting where I'd thrown it. I sat up, trying to sort out what happened. Had I fallen asleep? I must have. I paused for a moment, then looked over the side of the love seat. My DS was sitting there, with a blue game in the Game Boy Advance side...