Art Class II

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I looked around, the place was empty.I walked to the exit door,to find It's locked."Shit!" I exclaim loudly while banging on the door.I found a key in Shaun's empty desk from the classroom.It had a blank note with rips and,arrows telling me where to go.I'm not retarted, I yell at the top of my lungs.I realized I was going to have to bust in the window.I took a chair and banged it on the window so it would shatter.I heard footsteps and a voice familiar to shauns.Oh shit, it was shaun.He was planning to kill me from what I heard him preech.But I didn't listen and I just ran out the window and sped to the nearest phone since I did not take mine with me.

When I reached one (I ran to some nice ladies house and asked to use her phone) I called the police and told them that I had been kidnapped and almost killed.I took the bus home when I thought it was safe.I reached home about 11:30 Pm so it was pretty late.When I felt safe enough to go to bed I had a dream.I was in a old warehouse,similar to a crackhouse.I was tied to a chair,when shaun came walking from down the hall of the crackhouse,He pulled out a pencil,a VERY sharp pencil.He whispered into my ear very emotionally: "It's the end of the road for you buddy".He told me before I die,I could ask him any question of what happened of the weeks and he would answer it.I asked him about the needle.He laughed,He had told me he broke into my house,Numbed my dog,then attached a note to a needle then stuck it on my dogs tounge.But he said the dog ate the note and I was about to walk in the door so he said he bailed.

I asked about the reason he wants to KILL me,and how he was going to do it.He took his pencil and stabbed me in the neck as he kept chanting "LIKE THIS" laughing like a lunatic.

I woke up horrified as I heard a knock on the window.I saw shauns face.I RAN as fast as I could to a phone.I dialed 911 then hung up (they knew where I lived and I didn't have time to explain).I ran to the basement locked it, then took out my 22. Rifle.

I heard a window shatter,then I heard sirens.Shaun was kicking down the door.I was crying realizing I was going to have to kill shaun when he enters the door.I also realized They could not just arrest him again, He'll ESCAPE!.

He managed to kick the door down.I screamed and shot him in the leg.He fell over,put his finger in his wound and licked the blood off.He looked at me and said: Well you got this far,You gonna finish me off?

I aimed at his face then shot him in the brain.He lay there,dead.I have been scarred for life.I put the gun up to my own head and pulled the trigger.I was out of ammo,I lay in the fetal position and just,cry.A S.W.A.T came down and took the dead body away.I was also taken away,to a counsling clinic.And I was on suicide watch.I'm currently done with college (got my degree in culinary teaching) and I'm currently seeking a Boyfriend (I'm gay) and It's almost like shaun never existed.Almost.I still had a blood stain in my house to remind me of that day.

But people often say "Wow you have balls to finish college" Well..Not exactly,I was sent to a,well..lets just say "private college".And people also ask why in the world would I jump on shauns car that one time..Well I needed answers.

I still do..

I found out in shauns medical birth center that he was,Psycho,Autistic,and Senial.

Once he finds "Fresh meat" He uses it.