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Template:Tocright So, a lot of you are a bit confused on just HOW to add your newly added pasta to the Article Listing, so in the following probably long-winded tutorial, we will try to explain this the best that we can.

Finding the Article Listing

First thing you need to do is make sure you've posted your story on this wiki (either by following {{#NewWindowLink:Template:How2|this two-step tutorial}} or via {{#NewWindowLink:Special:CreatePage}}). Then, you should see five tabs at the tob of the site, labeled "On the Wiki", "Site Rules", "Site Navigation", "Community", and "Other".

To get to Article Listing, hover over "Site Navigation", and another set of tabs should appear under it, the first one being Article Listing. Click on that and it should take you directly to the main Article Listing hub.

Article Listing subpages and rules for listing pastas

At the bottom of this page, you should find a section labeled "Subpage Navigation". In this section, go to the subpage your pasta would go under alphanumerically (pastas starting with "A" would go in "A", pastas starting with "B" would go in "B", etc.). Here, we impart you with a vital tidbit of information.

The/A/An pastas

If your pasta begins with "The", "A", or "An", they do not belong in the T or A category of the Article Listing. Rather, they are to go in the alphanumeric subpage according to the first letter of the second word in the title. Otherwise, click on the page of Article Listing that has the first letter of your pasta's first word.


Here, you click edit, and scroll down to where your pasta would be alphabetically (or just use the find function) and add it in by placing two brackets facing the title of your pasta. For example, I would add this like Article Listing/Tutorial without the space between the first and second bracket, or of your pasta did being with "The", "A", or "An", you'd add the original title, press shift and hit the backslash button, then type your pasta with the "The", "A", or "An" part after a comma. For example, Article Listing/Tutorial, The with the space between the first brackets not there. Also, what looks like a second "l" added to Tutorial is actuall shift-backslash. Anyways, after you've added it in the right position, you hit publish, and you're done!

Happy writing!