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I've always loved to draw, ever since I was little I loved trying to draw whatever came to mind though I wasn't always the best at it. I was also a writer as well and I would occasionally come up with little back-stories for some of my drawings as I always felt that the drawing was, in a sense, a part of me and as such, deserved to have a story as I did.

One of my favorite drawings however, was one of my very first drawings. It was of a wolf whom I had affectionately dubbed as RedRaine, or Rainey for short. The drawing itself was very simplistic and it was actually almost difficult to tell that it was supposed to be of a wolf. I had drawn Rainey with red fur, green eyes,a curly tail, as well as a white underbelly, white left paw, and I had also made the bottom part of her tail white.

I created Rainey almost 4 years ago. You see, my father had died then and I guess I needed some way to comfort myself so, my mind created an image of something that I really liked to help me take my mind off of it. That's how Rainey started off actually, nothing more than a picture inside of my head. I thought about her whenever I got upset and I would occasionally have dreams about her too.

Then after a while I began to feel the need to draw her, I don't know why I felt that way but something inside of me just felt like I should. So I got a piece of paper and drew her as best as I could. Now, back then I wasn't that good of an artist so she wasn't much but when I saw her on paper for the first time, I couldn't help but smile.

It was because of Rainey that I recognized my love for making art. After I drew her, I began to draw all sorts of things, just about anything that I could think of, and I slowly began to improve. I got a strange sensation from doing this, I felt joy and pride whenever I created something, it felt almost as though I were creating life, and that thought only excited me further. I became attached to my drawings, gave them names and stories, created families and friends for them, I could openly admit that they had become a part of me, and I would have said that I was proud of that fact.

That is, until I discovered Creepypasta. I recall that day very well, I had been browsing YouTube for some minecraft let's plays when I stumbled across a mod review about something called the Creepypasta mod. I watched it with great curiosity as the Reviewer, a Youtuber known as SkyDoesMinecraft, reviewed each of the mobs in the game. This review introduced me to my very first creepypasta, Jeff the Killer.

I remember that in the mod review Jeff looked so terrifying, and I, being someone who scares rather easily was frightened to no end by him. I hadn't even read the creepypasta yet and by the time the night had come, i was too scared to go to bed. At some point I ended up falling asleep and awoke the next day going about my daily routine before heading off to school. Once I returned home, I decided against my own better judgement to look up the creepypasta.

When my computer brought up the page, I immediately set my eyes on the picture of Jeff at the top of the page and I stared at it for a moment. I then smiled at the picture, making an attempt to copy the grin on the killer's face but failing horribly before going on to read the story. Surprisingly the story didn't scare me as much as i thought it would and I developed an obsession with creepypasta, making an attempt to familiarize myself with as many as I could find.

During this period of time I had completely forgotten my drawings as I was too busy reading creepypastas and writing fanfiction about them. My obsession would soon dull over however, leaving me to return to my drawings. Shortly after I started drawing again I ran out of paper and began to search around my room in an attempt to find some. I came across something else instead, it was my old picture of Rainey, my beloved old wolf picture. i smiled as i pulled it out, it had been a while since I last saw the picture.

I looked at the old picture and thought for a while. 'Perhaps I should upload this to deviant art? I'm sure my friends would get a kick out of seeing one of my earliest drawings.' I thought to myself. So, I used my scanner to upload the picture onto my computer and posted it onto my DA account, explaining in the description what the picture was and why I was posting it up there. Everything went as usual for about a week until one day I received a message in my inbox.

The message was from someone with the username of Anonymous and the only thing they posted in the message was a link. I was curious, why would somebody post a link and nothing else? I clicked the link out of pure curiosity and waited for the page to load. What I saw when it finished loading was a horrifying sight. It was what I could only assume was an animation of Rainey, but she was different.

Her once snowy white underbelly was ripped open, allowing her guts to fall out and staining her belly red from blood. She was grinning, her teeth were covered with blood and the look in her eye gave her the look of a madman. The other eye was no longer there, in its place though, was the symbol I had come to know as the symbol that represented slender man, the large circle with an X through it. The animation showed Rainey to be saying something but I had my volume off at the time.

Once I realized that the animation was supposed to have volume, I hesitantly reached my arm up and turned on my volume. I was then met with a chilling, feminine voice "I am a part of you." It said softly, but still loud enough for me to hear it. I quickly exited out of the program and deleted the message from my inbox.

To this day I am still haunted by images of my once beloved friend, I still hear that voice in my dreams. I refuse to draw anymore, I've also ridden myself of that old drawing, that didn't help though. I can never forget the creature that now haunts my dreams, a permanent reminder of the sanity I'd lost long ago.