Ash - The Boy Forced into Existence

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Have you ever wondered about the relationships between Ash and Red? You know, who they were meant to be? Why are there two main characters for the same series? Why don't they work together? Well, as once said in a creepypasta that I love known as the Ash coma theory, I will now say, "I have a theory."

This theory is not taken from any where, but is instead thought up. Now, we all know that the two creators of Pokémon decided to make up a series about a kid/ adult who adventures into the world of Pokémon. Even though they wished for the main character to be Red, due to budget cuts and popularity Ash became the main.

Now you probably are all thinking that this is some weird, stupid, piece of information you will never need. You're wrong. This is about to explain something that happened to me once. So, without further ado, onto the story:

It all began with that bootleg. The one I found on top of the garbage can on my block. Being a young fan of Pokémon I picked it up and brought it home. Of course, my mom said it was garbage. My dad said it would only break my system. I told them it wasn't. I told them it was just another random game. After all these years i wish i listened to them.

I plugged the game into my DS and started it up. From what I saw. It was supposedly a copy of a SoulSilver game. I was wrong. I was only given the newgame option. The only thing is saw in the beginning was a picture of Red crying because of my personal habit, I named my player Ash. The weird thing was that my avatar wasn't the actual SoulSIlver avatar. It was Ash.

The strangest part was that i had chosen a female player. Now, being a kid I shrugged it off and began to play. The game acted like any other bootleg. It malfunctioned, froze, and went insane. It was a strange game too. It reminded me of CreepyBlack version. The only person I would battle in the entire game was Red. Every trainer was replaced with him, no matter who. Even my rival was Red! The other strange thing in the game was that all of the Pokémon in his party weren't available anywhere in the game.

I played continuously, I finally reached the part when you get to mount silver at exactly 2 AM and I kept playing as this was being a good game. As I made it to the top of mount silver a text box appeared saying:


I stepped another step forward and another one appeared saying:

"Sob...sob...why did you have to come? Why were you forced into existence? Why not me? I was a dream! You were but popularity. You were deemed better than me. You were chosen over me and for this you'll pay! I will make you pay for every time you beat me! Sob....for every moment you were forced into eternity! Into existence!"

Then the battle started. during the battle beginning a textbox appeared saying:

"You're just a boy with a dream! I'm an adult with a future. You deserve to be killed! You're just a boy with a stupid endless dream put into a stupid coma one day and given a perfect life on TV and video games. All I get is a comic book. Not even anime. Why must you beat me?"

So he sent out his first Pokémon, it was a Pikachu level 10000 of course, this was a normal level in this game. The battle continued on me beating his every Pokémon. Finally he sent out another Pikachu, this time level: 0.0000000000000000001 I saw it right then and there.

It was the same exact Pikachu doll I had grown up with in real life! It was as if someone ripped it and colored on it and then took a picture of it! The weirdest part was that it wasn't one of those cheap ones made in china. Mine was only available in Japan. I bought it at a special Anime store when I was five. Who would have taken all the time to look at my every move, find out what is meaningful to me, program a game, and put it in my streets garbage can?

I looked to find my doll in the same condition it was in the game on my bed. Odd part was that i was holding it throughout gameplay. When did it slip away? How could it have happened without my knowing? A textbox appeared saying:

"A little present from me to you. Enjoy it. Now, how do you feel to have something special to you crushed? Kind of like I felt when you crushed my pride hmm?" I quickly decided to attack the Pikachu.

It said, "No damage was taken"

I kept attacking it until finally it attacked me with a move called "Real pain" All my Pokémon died immediately.

The battle ended with a textbox saying:

"Now you will know what its like to be defeated! you were forced into existence and why couldn't you play as RED? I suppose you don't even like me hmm? Now you and Ash know what its like to be me! Ghost! Now you will be the forgotten kid and I will be the all famous popular boy. You know why? Because you are ASH, THE BOY FORCED INTO EXISTENCE!"

At this point I was like, how does this game know my name. I did what a normal little kid would do. I shut it off.

Now, I have a sleeping disorder. I am completely paranoid. I developed anxiety and a phobia of Red. Now I know what Red fells like. What I can't do is stop waking up at exactly 2 AM to hear the words: