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Hi! This is a fan-made sequel to this creepypasta that was written last May. I did not write that one! If you haven't already read that one, please do! This one won't make much sense without reading the other one.

Thanks for reading!)

Why did I reserve the game? I told myself I wouldn't. I told myself I was done with that goddamned series. What compelled me to walk into Gamestop, wait in the obnoxiously long line of kids, and tell the cashier that I wanted to reserve Assassin's Creed: Revelations? Given my past experiences with Brotherhood, I didn't even wanna touch anything related to that series again.

That was July. I reserved it 4 months prior to its release and got a sweet poster when I reserved it. I love posters and that was their last poster, so it wasn't something I could refuse. I took the poster home and hung it up on my wall, next to my bed. I knew I shouldn't have hung it up, seeing as Brotherhood scared the piss out of me just two months before, and Ezio would be staring right at me when I slept. I didn't have any other space for the poster though, unless I wanted to strip the walls of all posters and completely re-arrange them, which I didn't have the patience or time for. So I just hung it up by my bed, and figured if it freaked me out I could take it down.

Luckily, I slept fine. A couple times I thought I saw Ezio without his hood, but when I turned to look at it is was still normal and his hood was still up. Plus, it was a poster of a drawing. It's not like he could've removed the hood. That's ridiculous.

Now I'm not gonna say something like "when I was asleep Ezio came out of the poster and slaughtered my cat!!!!!!" for two reasons.

1. I don't have a cat.

and 2. That's fucking stupid. Drawings of fictional characters can't come to life and out of the poster, and you should know that!

So that's enough on the poster. My birthday is 22 August, and my best friend who lives three hours away came up to my house to visit for the weekend. We had a nice time, and long (and embarrassing) story short, we knocked my Xbox 360 off my TV by accident and broke it. Nice going.

November 14 rolled around, and still no 360 was in my possession. Damn. I figured I'd head over to the midnight release of the game anyway, seeing as they're pretty fun, I had some time to kill, and the mall I reserved the game at is only like 5 minutes from my house.

I drove over at 11:50 and walked to the mall's main entrance. It was locked. Great. The other entrance was on the complete other side of the mall, and it was cold. Really cold. November in Oregon is about 12 degrees at night and I really didn't wanna put up with walking around a cold mall at midnight just to get a game I couldn't even play and would probably bring back shitty memories.

But if I went home empty-handed, that would look a bit suspicious. So I decided to make the trek to the other side, though not enthusiastically. I remember repeatedly thinking "god damn I should've worn a jacket" as I walked around the parking lot and dodged a few cars. If it was any other day, I wouldn't have questioned the absurd amount of cars at midnight at a closed mall, but Assassin's Creed is a pretty popular series, so I expected to see quite a lot of people given the popularity of the game and the amount of cars I saw in the parking lot.

About halfway to the other entrance, I noticed another entrance. It was conveniently right in front of the Gamestop. I was really confused though, seeing as I'm at this mall often and there were only two entrances. I bought some makeup at that mall on the afternoon of the 14th, less than 12 hours before I went to pick up the game. There was no construction, no door, it was just a blank wall with a vending machine against it. I shrugged and entered the door, which was luckily unlocked. The mall was completely empty and dark, save for a couple lights in the corridors and the lights in Gamestop. There was a man standing outside Gamestop, so I decided to ask him what was up with the lack of people, seeing as it was 2 minutes to midnight.

It was silent, dark, creepy, and I knew I should've just headed home. But at this point I was genuinely curious. I made my way to the man, asking him where all the people were. I peeked inside the store, seeing that there was nobody in there. Not even someone manning the cash register. It was empty. The man didn't acknowledge my question and told me to head into the back and he'd get me my game. It was a bit strange, seeing as I didn't even mention my game, but I nodded and headed into the store, looking at the games on the shelves. I noticed there were a lot more games than there were earlier in the day when I stopped in and asked if there would be a midnight release. Shelves were overflowing, there were games on the floor, and the entire place just looked messy and unorganized. Nothing besides that was off, though. No unlabled games, nothing like that. It was normal.

I looked at the games for another 30 seconds or so before looking to the man, who said he'd get me my game. He hadn't moved from his spot. I uttered "um... sir?" and raised an eyebrow at him before he quickly turned around and pointed at a door by the DS games in the back. "This is a midnight release," he snapped, "I'll get your game when the clock hits twelve."

Interesting, but okay. He turned back around and I looked at the clock on the wall, which said it was about 30 seconds to midnight. I thought his statement was obsurd, seeing as by the time he'd grab the game, it would be midnight. But I just decided to head into the back room like he instructed.

It was your standard room full of games, nothing special. Extremely cluttered, but it was seemingly organized by console and the games were shelved alphabetically. There were two people in the very back corner, a man and a woman, who looked like they were hitting each other with game cases and scratching each other with broken disks. They were extremely quiet and I had no idea they were there from when I was outside the room, and it took me a second to see them when I entered. I rushed over to them, breaking up their fight and confiscating the 'weaponry' from them. They growled for a second before quickly shutting up, taking back their 'weapons' of choice and tossing them to the side. I looked behind me, and the Gamestop employee had entered the room.

He shut the door behind him and locked it, silently making his way over to the shelf titled 'new games' as the people next to me watched him intently and seemingly forgot about everything else that was happening. He grabbed three copies of Revelations, handed them each to us, then left the room without even asking for us to pay for the games. I looked at the man and woman, who seemed like they were ready to start attacking each other again, and I pulled a couple necklaces from my purse. I tightly tied their wrists together behind their backs and took their games from them, promising to give them back when they agreed not to fight anymore. They sighed and agreed, and I led them to the main room of the store. The employee was locking up the store doors.

I set the games next to the cash register and asked the employee what he was doing. Until he finished locking the doors, he remained silent. I'm a short girl, and I'm not very strong, but I decided to confront him. I walked up to him and grabbed his arm, only to let go of it immediately afterwards when he grabbed my wrist with his other hand. He turned and glared at me, squeezing my wrist as I tried to wriggle it out of his grasp. He continued to glare at me for another minute or two, cutting off the circulation in my wrist. I attempted to kick and punch him, but he deflected each attack. I yelled for help, but the rest of the mall was empty. I turned to ask the man and woman for help, but they'd started fighting again. Looks like I didn't tie them up as tight as I should have.

They were using their copies of Revelations to hit each other over the head repeatedly, and the woman kicked the man in the crotch, and he immediately fell over. She took the opportunity to stomp on his face, grabbing a bunch of games from off one of the overflowing shelves and throwing them forcefully onto his stomach. He groaned, writhing around and trying to deflect the games she continued to throw at him, to no avail. She kicked him in the head repeatedly until her white shoes were coated in blood.

After that I stopped watching. I looked back to the employee, who unlocked and opened the doors and forcefully threw me out, causing me to stumble and nearly fall. I balanced myself and looked at him in utter shock as he went back to the cash register and threw my game at me. The game hit me in the stomach, though it didn't hurt that much. Maybe it did, but I was too focused on what was happening around me. He kicked the woman so hard she fell on top of the man, and at that point I left. I exited the mall through the only unlocked entrance, and quickly made my way back to the car and drove home.

I parked, entered the house, threw the game in the trash, and went to my room to think about what I had just witnessed. I eventually fell asleep.

And that was that.

December 12. Not quite sure of the exact time, pretty sure it was morning. My computer crashed exactly 67 times that day. I didn't even know it was possible. Took it in to get it checked for viruses. None.

March 3, 2012. Yesterday. Over the past few months my computer had crashed more times than I could even imagine. I got as much as I could fixed for free since it was still under warrantee until mid-February. Bluescreens are frequent and not at all uncommon. I don't have the money for a new computer, seeing as all of my money goes towards traveling to anime conventions.

I got a new 360 to play games on, since the frequency of my laptop crashing was ridiculous. I had my Mac desktop, but it only ran a couple games. I set up the 360 and turned it on. The start-up animation was normal except for the fact that the background was a bright green that hurt my eyes. I turned it off and restarted it, but it just did the same thing. This time I let it go to the menu, which was tinted green as well, though this green was lighter and easier to look at. I restarted it one more time and it was fine, so I went through my case of games. Nothing really caught my eye so I decided to go to Gamestop and pick up a new game. Lucky for me, I hadn't seen the employee that was working there during the midnight release of Revelations since that night. Though strangely, when I asked about him, the manager told me he'd never seen him before in his life.

I was about to get up and leave when I noticed a game I didn't recognize in the pile. It was Revelations. I cringed. I remembered throwing it out, I even watched the garbage man pick up the trash to make sure it was gone. I figured someone took it out of the trash. Dammit.

I picked up the game and slowly inserted it into the console, backing up to the couch and sitting down to play. Nothing unusual happened until near the part of the game when Ezio was in Derinkuyu. After you use the gunpowder to start the explosion and you have to escape while it's engulfed in flames, smoke, and more explosions. That was when weird things started to happen.

First it was just the templars chasing after me. I could deal with them easily. But soon, the citizens, some being caught on fire, started chasing and attacking Ezio as well. Each time, they all took Ezio outside and stabbed him repeatedly, throwing him into the ocean. I tried redoing it multiple times, meeting the same fate each time. I didn't think it was normal, so I decided to check out some walkthroughs online. At this point it was pretty dark since it was about 10pm, and there were only four lights on. The TV, the lamp next to the desktop, the desktop, and a dim lamp behind the desktop. I got on and searched through a few walkthroughs before seeing something in the reflection of the computer. It looked like Ezio's face.

I jumped and turned around. Nothing was there. It was the reflection from the lamp.


I sighed, turned around, and continued my search. Nobody else had experienced this problem, so I decided to call it quits for the night. I spent a couple hours browsing tumblr and Facebook before I started hearing the occasional thumping noise. I ignored it for a while before it really started to bother me. I looked around and didn't see anything, and assumed it was the game. I muted the TV and waited for a few minutes, but it continued. I looked up and looked into the kitchen. It was the kitchen sink dripping. I groaned and got up to fix it, but when I stood up I saw something in the window. It looked like the outline of a body from the shoulders-up. I watched it for a few seconds and oh my god it moved oh my god I was totally 1000% done with everything I just wanted to sleep. I made my way into my bedroom, turned on the light, and looked at my walls. The Revelations poster I received in July when I reserved the game was gone.

It didn't matter. I wanted to sleep. I was gonna take the poster down anyway. I was done. 1000% done. I didn't want anything to do with that stupid game anymore. I remembered that I didn't turn the game off but there was no way in hell I was going back out there.

So I went to sleep, and that was that. I refused to deal with it anymore. I knew I shouldn't have gotten that stupid game.

And then I woke up. It was morning. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, everything was fine. My poster was still gone, but nothing else was missing. I left the room and went back into the living room. The game was still on from last night. So of course, being the stupid little shit that I am, I turned it on one more time. My intentions were to finish that part and figure out what the hell was going on. I mean, it was just a game. Just a game.

This time I thought I'd made it. I was nearly at the boat, but suddenly, someone pulled Ezio back before he could step on. He took a Masyaf key from his pocket and bashed Ezio over the head with it repeatedly. He kicked Ezio in the crotch, and Ezio fell over. That's when I realized that that seemed familiar. And I remembered that was exactly the same thing I witnessed that woman doing to that man in Gamestop four months earlier. At this point I couldn't play, no matter what I pressed, nothing happened. I just sat there, mouth hanging open, as the unfamiliar man did all the same things to Ezio as the woman did to the man in Gamestop.

Ezio appeared to be dead. The man was hunched over him, searching him for Masyaf keys. But then suddenly, a man came up to the other and pushed him on top of Ezio. I looked closely at the man's face and realized he looked nearly exactly the same as the Gamestop "employee", of course without the Gamestop uniform. The man shot both Ezio and the man who seemed to have killed Ezio multiple times before picking them both up and throwing them into the sea.

Right as their bodies hit the water, the screen cut to Desmond getting tossed back onto Animus Island. Desmond looked around slowly, confused and upset, as the screen faded to black.

It stayed black for a few seconds before some white text showed up, simply stating "do not go where you do not belong". The text stayed up for about a minute before the 360 turned off. I just sat there, mortified, before getting up and hitting the power button on the console again, trying to turn it back on. It didn't turn back on. Great.

Whatever. I didn't wanna play that god damned game anymore anyway.