Asylum Chi: The Journal of Katherine E. Scholar

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What the insides of the asylum looked like.

November 23, 2011

It was a cold terrifying morning driving with my friends to go check an asylum in El Paso, TX. The city is peaceful and calm with many friendly people always greeting and smiling but we were not here for that. We were here to go investigate an old Asylum that is still open but we were going to check an old part of the building. My friend Gregory was about to knock on the iron door but suddenly opened with his hand about to hit the door. An old eerie short man came out with his red satin robe and an old wooden cane that had a little red tint in it. He looked blind and he raised his head to speak to us “Ah! I see you have arrived for the investigation…” he spoke with a slow deranged voice that can almost scare anyone in the same room. “Yes we are here and we are going to explore the old building with the cells can you show us the way sir?” Gregory asked and he nodded slowly and he started walking and everybody followed him. Once we got there everybody started looking at the cells and Gregory and Malinda went down to the basement for further investigating. You may ask why we are investigating this asylum. We have heard that this is the fabled” Asylum Chi” an asylum that were held for the most insane people out there in the world and the people were heavily confined there. Nobody knows which asylum is Asylum Chi but we think this asylum fits the bill. I look into one of the tiny wet cells and I decided to look into this one. It had one small white bed, a very nasty toilet, and an old worn table that had scratches. On the table was a purplish red book that had writing on it, it said “Katherine’s Journal” and I decided to read it…

January 2, 1992

This world…is a lie... Ever since I was born I already knew that the whole world is against me and even my mom knew. I was abandoned by her and I had to live alone in the cold sad weather that reeked with despair and disease. I had to make fire in the bins with other poor people who usually gave me a scrap of meat or a crumb of bread. Things started getting worse later on when everybody I knew started to do cannibalism and killed anybody they saw with their blood thirsty eyes ready to strike. I started hiding and hoped that I don’t get killed myself and to be more secure I carried a knife which I mugged from a guy out at the streets. That was how my early childhood went and everywhere I went I saw suicides and death lingering in the air. Then again I wasn’t pure myself because I killed many people just to satisfy my sadist hunger for blood. I was put into an asylum when they found me killing a man and eating him myself because I was starving. That was when they took me to hell and literally it was hell with many maniacal screams and loud sobbing. I was thrown into a cell with a lot of confinement and they just left me there with only mashed potatoes and carrots. I found a journal inside a hidden compartment and I decided to use it to write my experiences here in Asylum Chi. –Katherine E. Scholar

November 24, 2011

When I read the first entry of Katherine’s Journal it kind of shocked me with its reference of Asylum Chi. Asylum Chi was shut down for a reason no one knows, some speculate that many mentally ill were killed too much and that made it shut down. Others say that devil worshiping was experimented there but that’s what conspiracy theorists say. Right after Asylum Chi was shut down, nobody knows what asylum was the Asylum Chi. While I was looking around in the asylum I saw many strange things written on a wall which is weird because how can insane people get a hold of pencils if they were heavenly confined? So many questions were in my head because of the journal. Another bad thing was that Malinda and Gregory were missing since yesterday and we looked everywhere for them. We tried calling them on their cell phones but no one answered the phone. We then tried to call their families but they said they have not seen them since yesterday early in the morning before we went to investigate. We were of course still in the asylum for the investigation and to look for Malinda and Gregory who were missing. I decided to read the next page of Katherine’s journal.

January 3, 1992

It feels like I have been here for weeks but in fact I have only been here for 1 day. I only know what day it is because I eavesdrop on the nurses to hear what day it is. The even strange thing is that the friends I meet yesterday just disappeared and the last thing I heard was a scared panicked scream and a chainsaw. They did tell me something important that I think will be useful to use for the nearby future. The conversation happened when we had a short break in a heavily guarded room which only had pencils with a dull tip and paper. I decided to sit next to a guy who was sitting alone in a corner writing something on the wall. He wrote “THE DEVIL IS HERE” and then he turned to talk to me and he told me something scary “Chi is everywhere…Chi is everywhere…watch for the old man dressed in the crimson red….” He then was about to stab me but an old lady pushed him and the guy was tranquilized from security. The old lady took me to her area with her buddies who were drawing very disturbing pictures. They all told me the same thing but didn’t try to stab me “Watch for the old man who cloaks himself in crimson red of his victims souls and blood…” they showed me their pictures of a stick figure eyes plain black with blood coming out and the pictures had the same words “CHI IS EVERYWHERE AND IS COMING FOR YOU. I have to stop writing now because I hear another scream down the hall… -Katherine E. Scholar.

November 25, 2011

Today is Thanksgiving a time to spend with our families but instead we are stuck here in this creepy asylum eating very cold turkey and rotten mashed potatoes. It made me wish that my family was not completely dead. I never told you but my parents and my older brother worked at an asylum which they never bother to tell me. Every night I would hear weird mumbling and demonic symbols all over the house. They looked like zombies when they came back from their work and I usually worried about them. On the day they died, they have just come back from home except they actually looked happy and not mindless soulless humans. My older brother looked at me and said something that scared me “Come and letssss eatttt….” He took out a knife which already had blood dripping from it. Then my mom and dad took out their own bloody knifes while chanting “Chi is coming for you…” I remember just getting a gun from the pantry and I had no choice but to shoot them dead. I shot every one of them. That day always made me feel evil and a cold blood murderer but write now while I am writing this on my laptop I am indeed crying. You are probably wondering like maybe my parents were probably working in Asylum Chi and that how can I be talking about this now? It’s because of Katherine’s journal…

January 7, 1992

Every single day I hear “Chi is coming” or “death… death…. death” and then I hear severely sobbing chanting demonic voices. I also been seeing weird things all over the place whenever its night. One night I was sleeping and then I opened my eyes and saw an old man. He was wearing a red robe and was standing with a cane in his hand and he slowly started speaking “Your sins are severe and Chi is everywhere….everywhere and you cannot stop it you evil human” I was about to punch him but I could not move and he was gone. To tell you the truth I actually killed my mom and she did not abandon me… I killed her because of stress…I killed her because-----------

The picture found inside Katherine's Journal

November 27, 2011

Huh? It's kind of strange that there is an entry on the 25th and I wasn't even on my computer at all. The really weird thing is that no one knows that I brought the desktop on the trip. The even weird part is that I do have a family, I have a mom,dad,an older brother and sister. Well anyway maybe someone in the crew is trying to scare the crap out of me. This journal entry is very short and I cant find the ripped page on the previous entry. This journal entry kind of creeps me out...

January 8, 2011

Chi is real.. She was the daughter of the old man and nobody knows how she died...this place was built on the old mans house and the grave of Chi. That explains the moaning of a girl that repeats every 12:00 "" If you are asking me how I know this then go find it yourself....-Katherine E. Scolar

November 30, 2011

For the last few days, things have gotten worse like my crew members keep disappearing and recently we found the dead body of Malinda. We tried calling the police but all of our phones is dead and my laptop can't connect to anybody right now. For the love of god please help me...

December 1, 2011

Nobody has not answered and now I only have 10 crew members left who are right now reading what I'm typing. We tried to find the exit but we can't find it and we even tried finding that old man and still nothing. The only thing that I really seem to be worrying is preserving Katherine's diary. The next entry of the diary gives more info on this asylum.

January 10, 2012

I have been here for a long time...recently I have been hearing many conversations by the nurses and other crazy folk.The people that work here aren't human and even the old man is not a human. This asylum was named after Chi because she died here not because of an accident but because she was sacrificed to the devil. She was sacrificed to her dad and the last words that she repeated was "Why abandon me father? why? do you hate me father? I can change I can change..." after she said that she was burned alive,stabbed, and finally drowned. I know how she died because this asylum is used for sacrificing and is also for worshiping the devil.-Katherine E. Scholar'