At Home

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You’re sitting at home, on the computer, after a long day at school, like you always do.

You check the clock on your phone. Its 9:00 P.M, and your parents are probably asleep upstairs like always. You hear a sharp sound of a TV cutting on, and you know it’s your sister watching “Doctor Who”, or playing on the Wii like she does every night. You decide to check your Facebook status out of pure habit, and see you have a message on your wall. You begin to read.

"Your mom and I are so proud of you! You’re growing up so fast. We just want to thank you again for watching the house while we stay at the Disney Land resort with your little sister! Hope you’re having fun!”

You think to yourself, “Oh yeah, I forgot they were out.”

You then hear something click. You hear the sound of the television cutting off upstairs and you freeze. Your blood runs cold. You begin hear the footsteps of someone coming down from the stairs behind you. The silence after the last footstep leaves you choking with your eyes blood shot. You hold your breath, daring not to even glare to the right of you. All you can do is scream in your head, and pray that the silence never breaks.

All you do is pray for the silence.