At the Park

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I'm sitting here at the park at 8:00 a.m. listening to the birds chirping and writing about the strange messages I just received on Skype from someone named Brayden.

Brayden: You will pay for killing my son.

Me: Who are you and what are you talking about?

Brayden: He may have a bad temper but that gives you no right to kill him.

Me: I didn't kill anyone.

Brayden: ;)

( File Share Opened)

Brayden: He will pay.wmv

I can't believe what I just saw. It was me sitting there typing on my laptop. Then a little boy walks by. I pull out my pocket knife that I carry for safety, and hold it behind my back. I walked up to the kid and said, "Hey man, your dad thinks your dead, you need to go home." The kid replies "DON"T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" then he takes a swing. I took the knife from behind my back and stab him in the stomach. He fell down and bleeds out. I then grabbed my laptop and ran. I have no clue how he made this. I have never seen special effects this good.

Me: How did you make that?

Brayden: ...

Me: Who are you?

Brayden: ...

He won't respond to me now. Hold on, I think I see his son walking down this path right now. I should go tell him that his father is worried. I should bring my pocket knife just in case, after all, his dad did say he had a temper.

"Hey man, your dad thinks your dead, you need to go home."