At the Store

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In any convenience store or supermarket in the world, go to the section which sells kitchen knives. At around 7 PM, close your eyes and imagine the most horrible thoughts that lie in your head. Once you are done, you'll be in the same store, but you'll notice there is no one inside except a man wearing a black hoodie holding two knives. He is not a robber, some say he isn't human.

He will remove his hood and reveal either a deceased loved one, a famous actor, your enemy, anyone! You only have 30 minutes to defeat him. You must grab the nearest knife and prepare to fight him. The man will be swift and will dodge your every attack. There are four possible consequences after the battle:

  1. If you manage to badly injure the man, a bright flash of light will blind you, and you'll be standing inside your living room, as if nothing happened. You'll have unbelievable good luck for 3 days. But in the next 3 days, your life will be an unimaginable Hell.
  1. If you actually kill him, you'll suddenly fall into the floor unconscious. Once you wake up, you should find a gold coin with an unknown symbol in front of your door. Show this gold coin to any person, they will do your bidding, be it driving you anywhere, or even killing someone you hate. Do not lose this coin, or all hell breaks loose.
  1. If you are lucky enough to cut a body part off of him, you will fall into a deep sleep. You will hear horrible screams of pain and agony. Once you wake up, the television will suddenly turn on to an unknown channel. In that channel, it will show you how you will die.
  1. But of all the consequences, this has got to be the worst. It's what happens when you don't injure the man. Many would say this is a fate worse than death. What's the consequence you ask? Well, have you ever wanted to know where the Slender Man really came from?