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Look, I'm not entirely sure how to start this, so I'm just going to jump into it, I suppose.

I'm a 20-year-old, level-headed male, not prone to flights of fancy. I've been around computers my entire life and I'm one hell of a hacker and code developer. But what I came across put my skills to the ultimate test and then some.

It was a typical Saturday, nothing out of the ordinary, not even a little bit, well other than my alarm going off, that was my fault though, I forgot to set it to vibrate, but I digress. I was on my computer looking for a movie to watch; sadly the particular film I was searching for was out of my reach. I won't tell you the title of the film, lest you go looking for it yourself. With zero luck finding it on Netflix or Crackle, or really any site that could stream it, I tried a torrent site, again, one I shall not repeat the name of. Well, after a few minutes of searching, I came across a decent looking copy with enough seeders. So I began the download.

There wasn't anything unusual about the download, it was a smaller file than I would assume and it was incredibly slow, after an agonizingly long 6 hours the file was finished downloading. I quickly opened the folder and viewed the contents. Nothing too odd, the movie file, the readme.txt, but there was a third file, only a few kilobytes. It was a secondary text file. It piqued my curiosity, so I opened it. Biggest mistake OF MY LIFE.  All it had was the link to a website. I was bored. So I clicked the link.

My Malware Catch acted quickly, and I knew I had made a mistake. As the website loaded, there was a horrible screeching from the speakers, but not just the speakers. It was as if the screaming came from all around me. I covered my ears and tried to exit the screen, to no avail, the escape button simply made the scream louder, I felt sick.  The frequency made my stomach turn.

That wasn't the worst part.  No, the worst was far from over. As the page loaded fully my eyes were assaulted with the most brutal disturbing images I’ve ever seen in my life. Mind you, I have a very strong stomach, I used to frequent gore threads of the worst kind and I also worked part-time at a morgue for a short time, I have seen some real hamburger meat. But nothing quite as brutal as this...

There was no scroll. Nothing, just a box in the middle, a slideshow, every ten seconds a new image pooped up, try as I may, I couldn't turn off my monitor or the power. I couldn't even turn away, the frequency that screeched seem to paralyze me. My fingers moved enough for me to try fruitlessly to turn off the steady stream of images. I was forced to sit and watch. For almost an hour, I watched as lifeless body after lifeless body popped up.

Newborns, and kids, no more than ten or eleven, mutilated beyond belief.

The images were inhuman. I saw a toddler with a rope tied around his neck as a razor was dragged down the exposed tummy, a small boy with a fist shoved in his mouth, his eyes bloodshot and bulging from lack of air, I could see the shape of the culprit’s fist in the boy’s throat.  There was small girl with a screwdriver driven into her eyeball as the other was plucked out by hairy fingers. One kid’s face was frozen in a scream as his intestines were being ripped in front of him.

I also saw a baby's head being crushed by a giant foot. The blood seeped from its nose. I vomited but still couldn't move. My malware was going nuts. The next image was that of a young girl obviously being raped by a machete. It was driven so deep you could see it start to stab through her stomach. A baby had its throat cut with a straight razor. A once innocent boy was being raped with a fist all the way to the elbow. One girl had a huge dildo shoved all the way down her throat as tears welled in her eyes.

One of the worst was a baby’s stomach with a hand in it, the intestines twisted around his fingers. I vomited again. I viewed a boy being sodomized by a horse and a little girl on a pike shoved all the way through her. My eyes welled with tears and my heart broke for these poor children. Finally the last image was shown; at least I thought it was. It was a young girl, perhaps twelve. Then it started, it wasn't a picture, it was a video.

The girl sat there as a man’s hand reached out and began choking her. Her eyes bulged and she tried to scream but no sound came out. There was a chuckle off screen and the man’s hand went up to her mouth forcing it open to expose the inside of her mouth. The tongue was no more than a nub. With crude stitching and the scars at the back indicated her voice box was gone. I didn't want to see more, but the frequency got louder and I couldn't even move my hands.

My malware was going completely ape-shit catching at least thirty threats each second. The man threw out a hand and hit the girl in the side of the head, her eyes rolled back and she collapsed. The camera was sat down and the man removed her clothes and raped her. The tears welled up again. He stood up and grabbed a mallet and began breaking bones in her leg. For about a minute he did this. Then he threw the mallet away into the corner. The camera went off screen once again. He sat something down, and after a few seconds I realized that it was a baby.

Dear god. The scream from the toddler, I still hear it, I don't think I'll ever be rid of it. He gripped a power tool, a buzz saw, and began slicing the baby’s arm off. I vomited again as the screams and wails were heard. He went back to the girl after kicking the baby’s head in and booting it out of the way. He was carrying something, I realized with horror that it was the baby’s arm, still dripping gore and ichor.

He sodomized the girl with it before stuffing it into her throat and stomping down. Her body jerked twice then became motionless. He picked up the camera and walked to a desk. He sat it down and a text screen popped up.

"So how did you enjoy my work? Better than any horror film you could ever imagine. Real gore. Real rape.  Real death.  So much better than bullshit Hollywood effects. But oh well. Enjoy your ill-gotten film.”

The screen cut to black. The frequency left me. I was back at my home screen. But this was far from over. I hacked the site in order to remove it from the internet. I got rid of the download link, but at a huge risk to my own computer’s health. Something in his website bricked my computer. This was a year ago. I just recently got a new one, so I'm telling my story here. Please believe me.