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I'm writing this creepypasta because I couldn't find anywhere else to share this story of what happened to me. This is strange, and there are some things that even I don't understand. If you actually understand some things, PLEASE feel free to comment. Well, here it is.

It was a late weekend night. I think it was a Friday, not very sure. I was bored, so I was playing some Team Fortress 2. When I was playing, many people would join like normal, leave like normal, you know.

Until somebody's name caught my eye. It was a very strange name, first off, it was red. Bright red. I didn't know if he was an admin or what, but I can remember his name a bit. It was in weird symbols, I recall one being a letter from some foreign language. Thinking nothing of it, I played with him. There were 7 others too, they said nothing. Oh, we were playing Mann Vs. Machine.

I only spotted him once. And it was in the distance. He looked like a scout, except robotic. He WAS not a CPU, he was a player with a robot skin. It was weird. He was BLU, and our team was blu. Strange, isn't it? He kept on repeating "REDRUM" Which is murder backwards. No, I'm not making that up. Cheesy, right? Well he said that, for sure. It was so funny in a way. Heheh.

A few times my TF2 minimized, and asked for permission too download something called "Attels.rar". I have Norton, so I can open the most infected files and not get viruses. But I removed it and ignored it, and played some more.

About 3 hours later, my stupid laggy computer overheated. No, that's normal. Nothing paranormal about it. When I restarted it, I just wasn't in the mood for TF2. So I started up Minecraft. I played on a server, and I played for about 3 hours until something weird happened.

Every once in a while for a split second the Command Prompt ( I think, I can't remember what it is called, it's the thing with the black background and plain white text, you know.) And it had text on it, something about a "tiff" being imbedded on my hardrive and blah blah blah.

The next day, I was using to edit a picture of the sun (I can't remember why.) And I realized a .txt on my desktop.

When I read it, it said something about Norton detecting an "Unknown Source" trying to embed some files into my "Program Files" folder. It said that Norton deleted the unknown files right away, but some might still be remaining, and something about contacting support at some email. I will upload the file some day.

When I checked "Program Files" there was nothing out of the ordinary except a file named "attēls". When I opened it, there was nothing except a little file named "attēls.tiff." I opened it with

What I saw was the scariest thing I've ever seen. I have emotional trauma and I am now (NO JOKE) half blind. I am sorry for the mistakes in this passage. Please, never make the mistake I did. If enough people see this CreepyPasta, I will upload the picture, the Norton error message, some other small things I didn't mention, and such.

EDIT: Someone sent me a random message on my Gmail saying "attēls" means "Picture" and "attēls7" means "Picture7" in "Latvian" (I Don't know. XD)