Audino, The

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The Audino I have seen scared.(DID NOT MAKE)

At your risk, I may steal a few lines from 'The Last Audino' and 'Audino wants to play'.

After Cursed Green was burned, I thought it was over... It was not, I was actually looking up on my computer and saw a unique file called 'Audino.exe' I decided to download it, but it was four hours long. So I decided to wait.

After a day after Audino.exe was downloaded I saw a package and it was "Blood Red", it looked like white, but it wasn't... I also saw something in it. It was a doll of Audino, but it was not an ordinary audino... I saw its morbid face and knew it was the Audino from the Pasta 'Audino wants to play'.

Three days after the Morbid Audino stared into my soul I decided to start playing Audino.exe, it was ctually white version, but everyone had a Pokémon named Audino, all the wild Pokémon were Audino, and if it was rare, it was that MORBID FREAKING Audino, When I saw the Audino I lost my memory of Audino.exe.

Woke up in some blood covered room, actually saw even more morbid audinos. I looked out the window and there was the last audino, the morbid audinos let me outside (good thing they are peaceful but morbid). It was actually very scared, it was like saying

"Please don't hurt me...". It was crying very sadly, I grabbed the Audino and hugged it nicely, it looked at me and it was saying something, like it was "Do you love me?" (From Forever Mine, I DID NOT MAKE FOREVER MINE!)

The Audino then talked "I am lonely..." I murmured back to it "Don't be sad..." When I was going to hug it, the morbid audino used Blood Beam on it, Is blood beam really a move!?

Then it turned into that mor... I dropped it when it was that morbid version, fainted, and I heard chanting of "Kill us, come on... We know you want to kill ussssssss..." The 'us' was faded and it was in echo.

In my fainted vision I saw audino, it was morbid and they speaked, well o​dd... Blood Red was a dream, the Audino was a dream, and I feel that Fuzz is causing all this, I might get Cursed Green again and kill Fuzz once and for all!