Autobiography of a Killer

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The Start Of Man

Day 1 and 2

I lived in the beginning and will be at worlds end. This the life of a monster and the creation of men...
Looking back, I was so foolish to think I would be let off so easy. The old man, people don't know how unforgiving he truely is.
I remember breathing my, no... the worlds first breath of air. I was so confused and scared, I didnt even know what confused and scared were. I blinked multiple times to get used to what I saw. Looking down at the puddle before me I saw beautiful brown eyes, eyes so innocent and new. Skin hazel brown, rough just like expected of a man. My dark brown hair long and flowing through the wind that brushed against me. The beard of his 2nd son, to mirror my fathers image. Muscles, the picture of perfection. Knowledge of the world infront of me, I knew every corner of this blue sphere and I loved it. 
I miss this.. Identity. This feel of being someone. When he took that away from me, I died... The day he took that away, I swore vengence on those unappreciatve of there humanity...
The old man talked to me.
"My first son, what would you like to be named"
I looked at him, in his eyes were kindness.
"Father, I know not of who I am yet. Please, come on the 2nd day and ask again."
The old man nodded and left. During his deparcher the world grew cold as a dark sheath covered the land. I did not know what this was but it frieghtened me. From my first eight hours of life I grew attached to sunlight. This thing called "night" scared me. I went to a cave before the darkness had a chance to enter and there was a light. Why this light was here I knew not, but I was drawn to it. I sat there for hours until I heard a noise. A muffle I suppose sounding like some type of foreign creature.
"hssssss, Hello there mortal."
A skinnny, darkish green creature slitherd before me
"H... he... Hello there creature, I hope you don't mind me taking refuge in your home to wait for the passing of darkness."
"But my son..."
I stopped him
"I am not your son, I am the son of he who watches all"
"He is oblivious of this meeting, boy hsssss. He does not know all"
The look in that creatures eyes spoke to me for some reason. He told me about the darkness, taught me about emotions and hunger. Made me feel them all in one night, even post poned the rising of the sun for another 6 hours for me to sleep. My sleep was... unpleasent 
    • I had what the creature called a "Dream". But this was the exact opposite of his definition. Instead of a blissful paradise, I was restricted. My hands welded to a rock, unable to move. I looked up at the now red sky, crying. Tears dripping down seemed to burn my face, singeing my skin. I laid on the rock in agony, screaming for the old man, but he never came. The creature appeared but in a new form. I giant horned beast with black fur, but those same eyes I could understand. His now low voice roared
"I will give you what is needed"
His oddly shaped hand ripped through my skin and instead of blood dripping everywhere, I saw hair. Long blood colored hair flowing as if it were to make up for blood. This starteled me, but not more so then a 6ft creature. His hand still in my chest, he leaned over to whisper in my ear.
"You will learn to follow me"**
I quickly awake, heart beating fast, sweat dripping and belly growling. I had a pain in my stomach like it was now empty but I soon grew a new pain. I went to the puddle I looked in before and saw... something horrific... A giant stitch across my chest where the creature had stricken me in my dream. Blood dried around it, scabbing around the cut. I dropped on my knees sinking my face into my palms, sulking for the loss of beauty. My body had been scorned by the creature, I knew The Old Man would get mad. I was still more dissapointed in myself though. I looked behind to look for the cave of The Creature, but it was gone. All that remained was a rock and 2 daggers. The rock had a weird drawing, it resembled the creatures face but within a circle. As I closed and re-opened my eyes to blink I saw this new thing. Ontop of the rock now was a creation like me except with a chest that sagged, green eyes and a lighter body. The body also had curves and I noticed the absence of a dangling part between the legs. The Old Man then showed up
"Son, what is that"
We both stared at her, baffled
"I do not know father, she is not your creation."
"She resembles that of you my son"
I stood silent for a minute, trying to process what The Old Man had just said
She resembles me....
The Old man asked if I were ready to give a name and I replied with no. He then asked for the name of my creation. He looked at me oddly when he asked. I asked what time of the day it was and The Old Man replied with,"It's the Evening". I said that if he came next Eve then I'd have mine and my new creations name ready.

this is unfinished