Average Patrol Day

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It was an average patrol day. I had a gun in hand, and I was walking up and down the camp walkway. Fourteen large buildings were on each side of me. They each had a garage. Despite the beautiful scenery, it was a boring enough day, and we were in deep in the remote part of South Florida, so I never expected anything. I checked my watch, seeing when my patrol would be over, when I heard what sounded like cloth moving in the brush. Annoyed, I looked over. "Stop messing with me. Remember what happened last time?" I yelled into the direction of the noise. I walked over and moved some of the brush. I saw nothing. I took the safety off of my gun. "If one of you jumps out and scares me, I'm going to shoot you." I said. Figuring I could talk into the radio and detect anyone hiding, I pushed "Talk". "There's--" I stopped. There was very loud... static. "The hell?" I said. Released talk, and pushed it again. The static was still there. Figuring it was just the radio being a piece of complete crap, I repeatedly tried to fix the issue. Push, release, push, release. I still got static. I was still trying to fix it when I heard the noise. This time, it sounded like...

Well, I don't know how else to describe it, but...


It was a low, but loud humming noise, being concentrated from one of the buildings.

I raised my gun, and approached it. Cautious, not knowing who, or what, could be in there. As I walked closer to the garage, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a tree move. I was conflicted, was I to go to the humming or the (missing) tree? As I thought, I began to cough. At first it was nothing, then it got more frantic, to the point where I could not breathe. I coughed, louder and louder, harder and harder. I was about to die, when it stopped. I was crying at this point. I wiped a tear from my eye, and looked up. I nearly shat myself. There was a tall man, facing away from me. I aimed my gun at him, and demanded to know what he was doing here. He did not respond. I told him that if he did not comply, I would shoot him. After that threat, the humming became extremely loud, to the point where I literally could not hear my own thoughts. I dropped my weapon, closed my eyes, covered my ears, and stumbled backwards. I cursed loudly and repeatedly, and when the humming stopped, my head began to hurt. I began to sob softly. I noticed that I was being pulled... by something.

I looked up.

And saw a sight I would never forget.

The man had no face.

He had branching arms, and tendrils.

One of his tendrils was wrapped tightly around my leg, pulling me towards him.

I screamed, and pulled out a pistol. I shot again and again, but it did nothing, I grabbed the tendril and tried to unwrap it, to no avail. I slashed and screamed, and punched the grass, but it was no use. As it drew me closer, I saw horrible images, of people dismembered, their limbs being stuffed into bags, their heads put on shelves, like prizes. I fumbled in my pocket and grabbed a camrea. If I was going to die, I was going to let everyone know about this fucking creature. I aimed the camrea at it, and the image began to distort. I took the picture, and tossed the phone. The creature began extremely aggressive after that. I began to slide faster, and the humming began again. I was horrified, and as I got closer, the humming got louder and more intense. The images got more gruesome. I began to think of my friends, my wife, and lastly, my daughter. After the image of her slipped into my head...

I don't know.

It was like the whole world froze.

I woke up, and I was in a military Jeep. They told me they had found me on the ground, and they had seen the picture on my phone. They sent several soldiers into the woods, and I was getting an honorary discharge.

You'd think I would be happy.

I wasn't.

I felt this feeling, like something horrible had happened.

When I arrived home, my wife was crying.

I asked her if she was happy to see me.

She said yes hastily, but she was crying for another reason.

Our daughter was missing.