Avoid Secondhand Laptops

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I was wanting a simple, cheap laptop for my photo-editing side job. That time my job as a call centre agent wasn't enough so I had to do another job that could increase the money I get. Anyway, since malls don't offer cheap laptops I decided to go on eBay, where all second-hand stuff live.

There were laptops up to five-hundred to a thousand dollars on sale, some were surprisingly cheap like a laptop I saw that was only twenty dollars. But, it had to be broken; no one sells laptops that cheap without problems. After an hour of searching page after page, I finally found a laptop on sale for two fifty bucks, I placed my bid after scanning the pictures posted about it.

I was really busy the next day and the week after, so busy I forgot about the laptop until a mailman knocked my door carrying a box then I remembered about the laptop I just bought a week ago. I signed the delivery slip and went to the table to open up the box containing the laptop. It was covered with styrofoam for protection, I saw a note that said "Enjoy!" with a happy face. "Weird.", I said to myself.

I scanned the laptop for any minor or major damage, there weren't any major damages but there were minor scratches here and there. I booted it up, it ran on Windows 7 and from what I heard it wasn't as bad as Vista so I was really happy that my money was worth it. There was already a lot of programs installed like an anti-virus, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc.

I was exploring around the files and folders found out there were a lot of porn videos in there, the last owner must've forgotten to delete them all. I explored the videos folder, there was only one video there named Evidence.

Curiosity got the best of me because I clicked the video. It played, here's how it went.

It was a twelve-minute video and the first three minutes was just black. I got bored and pointed my mouse to the close button when suddenly a guy tied was shown, his face was covered with some kind of sack in his face. There was someone in the background but It's hard to tell due to the fact that the video quality was crappy, like it was taken from a cellphone. The guy in the background walked away from view and another guy wearing a ski mask came, he was holding a sharp weapon, a chainsaw. The guy tied up was shaking violently and struggling to get out of the chair as the bastard holding the chainsaw got closer. This is the part when it gets really, really gruesome.

He stabbed that chainsaw in his chest and sliced it slowly, the guy was screaming in pain and agony. Then he ripped out his stomach and ATE it. He ripped the other organs too and ate all of them like a sick psychopath would do. The poor guy wasn't responding anymore, he's dead. Then the sick fuck turned into the camera.

"You aren't supposed to see all of this, but since you did you'll suffer the same this guy did." He said.

His mask was smeared with blood and flesh. The video ended, I was really frightened, I thought it would be some lawyer video or something. "Oh my god! Who the sick fuck would do this!?" I muttered to myself.

I heard footsteps coming from downstairs. No! That can't be! I hurriedly went for the bat, he's climbing upstairs now searching my parent's room, he would be here in no time.

Hello it's me, the guy he was talking about in the video, the guy who sold him the laptop and the guy who killed the poor sucker.

He was really tasty. Just wanna let you know that if you come across the video called "Evidence" feel free to watch or just buy my laptop :)