Awakening of the Demon

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I don't know what happened that night, but all I know is that I never want to experience that one night ever again. I suppose I should tell you, despite that remembering it gives me nightmares to this very day, but I'll try. I was twenty, and a rambunctious young girl.

I would often play games in the woods like scary tag, where someone would hide pages of notebook paper in the woods and a group of kids would try to find them, while the tagger tried to catch them without running.  Whenever I didn't have company over, I would sometimes take long walks in the woods for long periods of time, usually ranging from thirty minutes to two hours. Now, I never go into those woods again. The soil is cursed with the ghosts of tainted pasts. Not actual ghosts, but horrifying children of the demons.

The way I remember it, I was walking along the path one night in large, pine woods. There were many wild animals in the woods at night, so I usually brought along a lantern to ward them off. After about twenty minutes, my battery lantern ran out, making the woods pitch black.

I continued on, hoping not to run into any wild animals on my way back home. I knew the path rather well, but things can change at night. I, shamefully, was afraid of the dark, making this especially frightening for me. I stopped as I heard footsteps behind me. They were light, faint footsteps, but they were fast.

I could hear them coming towards me. I started walking at a faster pace, but the footsteps still approached. As I sped up, so did they. Soon, I felt like I was being closed in. More and more footsteps could be heard surrounding me, closing in, cornering me. I saw nothing pounce at me from the surrounding darkness, so I kept on walking. I came to a large clearing between the trees. There was no grass in the clearing. Only dirt.

I heard a horrifying moan coming from behind me. I turned around, and was astonished at what I saw.  It was a large, humanoid creature. It was about seven feet tall, completely unclothed, but had no genitalia, it's skin, from what I could see, was a pale reddish brown color, like rotting flesh. It's eyes were huge, but purely black with tiny red glowing dots for pupils, a single slit down it's face for a nose, and a mouth with no lips, just sharp teeth sticking out in all directions.

It's hands were large, wrinkled, and bloody. It's feet, or lack thereof, were nonexistent, so were it's legs, so it just slithered along the ground, pulling itself with its grotesquely long arms and legs. I saw it's breathing slit flare as it drew nearer, then it let out a loud screech in some, demonic language.

When it was done screeching, the ground below me slightly rumbled. The creature was very slow, so I easily outrun it and climbed up a tree. It's head was, or seemed to be, fused to its shoulder, keeping it from looking up. I was nearly shaken out of the tree as the rumbling began to become stronger and stronger, until suddenly, it stopped.

A large crevice opened up in the grassless clearing, and a small amount of red light seemed to seep out of it. I saw what seemed to be shadows, running along the ground, like real shadows. The shadows then seemed to come off the ground, forcing pure black creatures, with glowing red dots for eyes.

It was then that I heard someone whisper, "The demons of humanity have been released. Shadows shall now rule this earth."

I then proceeded to run. I ran as fast as I could, trying to escape the following shadows. Soon, I got home, then turned on every single light in the house. I thought that because the creatures were shadows, that light would repel them. Now, I live in my house in solitude, tortured by my fear of the dark.