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Author's notes:

This is my old creepypasta I had on my computer here ya go!

The pasta:

I am a big fan of dragon ball z my favorite characters were goten and his friend trunks I was playing dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 the mail man came he left some package with a note the note was from my good friend rashad which I have not heard from in weeks the note said nick I wish I could write more but his after me destroy the disc please destroy for your own good the note ends there i opened the package I found a disc with black marker saying GOTEN.exe goten was my favorite character I put the disc in my computer I found two files one called complete buu saga and one called GOTEN.exe I went to the file called complete buu saga it lead me to the GOTEN.exe file the normal dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 tile screen came up I press start it was normal until I had one option called ready for round 1 and i pressed start to play when I got to that option I had 3 save files 2 of them locked i press on the first one I played as trunks the only character I could play as the stage was called city I made trunks walk around what I saw was horrible dead people on the ground stomachs cut open I wanted to puke but I coutinued I saw goten eyes shut then a cutscene played it showed trunks moving towards his friend goten opened his eyes to revealed to black eyes with red pupils the screen went black red text came up saying hello do you want to play with me the next stage was called hide and seek it was like planet namick but on fire trunks was crying I move trunks forwards I saw goten flash on the screen he chased trunks how fast I tried to move trunks he got cought and goten vanished goten appeared again he lunged at trunks then the screen went black and I heard trunks scream it went back to the save select screen I look at the save file of trunks he had black eyes red pupils with blood dripping down them it select the next file which was gohan the stage was called came back for more i move gohan forward it went to static and back there was a bunch of heads on stacks goten appeared gohan looked scared and tried to fight back but goten teleport back and fourth finally gohan tripped goten lunged at gohan like the same with trunks then the screen went black I heard gohan scream and text came up saying so many soul to play with so little time would you agree with a yes or no option I picked no but it made a default buzz noise then I had no choose but to pick yes I went back to the save select then I looked at gohan's save file he had white eyes with red hair I picked the last save file Vegeta the stage was called the last I moved Vegeta down this dark hole way goten blocked his path and lunged at Vegeta when he did that it went to static then it went back it showed goten gba sprite black eyes bloody fangs it went to static then it showed text saying READY FOR ROUND 2 I turned off my computer I heard a voice just like goten's saying ready for round to see it sitting on my bed It was a goten action figure with black eyes with red pupils.