Halloween is grinch night

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Hello my name is tony stephens I come from a 50 percent poor family ive lived in florida california mississippi alaska arkansas missouri new jersey pensylvania utah idaho north dakota south dakota and other states. But as a child my family lived in a run down appartment. The rent was only a dollar plus we got the whole bulding just to our selves. Basically my family lived in the whole downstairs part of the building exept for me. I got the whole upstairs part all to my self because im awesome. At age 13 I had to get a job though because the bills and groceries were getting pricey.I worked at video store named hi-tops video. My boss whose name will remain anonymous because he was the nicest person in the world. You want to know why he was so nice well he had 4 children that were stillborn his only alive child was born with no legs and his wife cheated on him and almost tried to kill him.now hi-tops video took donated vhs tapes that were in any condition just as long as they worked. One day at the video store a customer came into the store. It was a man in a windbreaker named tom. He brought in a tape. The tape was just white case with a black marker that said grinch night. All of a sudden some memories came floating back to me watching that special on channel 7 in november 8 1980 and the nightmare that were the horrors of the grinches parafanelia wagon.i quikly said yes to his donation and tried to say something but he couldn't because me accepting it quikly. A big mistake wish I could've heard what he said. Hours had passed and my boss came up to me and said today is a special day for you your getting a raise and evreyone has to leave work early because of my vacation. Me I jumped for joy just as I was about to leave the video store I dropped my bag of tokens. I picked the tokens up the bus was disgusting taco bell wrappers and mountain dew cans were evreywere. On the bus a homeless man sat next to me. He looked at me and said what do you have here I gave him the tape and he said why do you have that tape? It has horrible and terrible things in it DESTROY THE TAPE NOW. I quikly snached the tape back. Shouldve lisened to him. I went home and ran to the upstairs to the top but before I could a person said this is your rent payment that will be one dollar. I gave him the dollar and ran to my room. Before I could put the tape in the vcr there was a note on my bed that said you want to know where we are were on a business trip. You be here by yourself for 6 weeks you will have the entire building to yourself. If your hungry theres food downstairs and in the fridge theres 6 cans of delicious cambells chicken noodle soupnand 5 12 packs of shasta. And on the bottom was the numbet for pizza hut. Oh and if anything bad happens call this numbet. Me I was pretty happy not only did I get a raise but I got the building to myself for 6 weeks! I finally popped the tape in. The dr suess presents logo was the same but there was no sound. And insted of a title card it was just GRINCH in green ooze and blood dripping from the H. The tape cut to whoville with cheery music over it. We see the whos doing their normal stuff but there was no naration. We then cut to ucaria's house were we see ucaria and his father josia. Ucaria said why does the world have people like the grinch evrey october he comes to terrize us all. The animation in this looke more like a don bluth cartoon. His father replied I dont knoa son but I still remember when he went too far. He held up the picture of that hyper realistic peggy from KOTH. He said I still remember you. He took out a knife and went on his hands and knees. This wasn't in the original special. He said to ucaria-Ucaria I know this goes beyyond evreything I tought you but I want you to put me out of my miserey. This is a knife I want you to stab me with it. Ucaria said I dont know I cant kill ya I just seems odd I might go to jail. Joesia said its for your own good. Ucaria then starts stabbing him in the neck repetitivly as cartoon blood flew evreywere. I was horrified at tis scene. it then cut to ucaria entering outside wile weird music played. Ucaria then............... it was the grinch. He said to the grinch. Do it do your fucking shit. Oh really. The grinch said. Instead of the slime monster the screen went black with ucaria just standing there. All of a sudden a hideous monster that wasnt seen in the special came and tried to kill ucaria. Ucaria just stabbed the monster wile it fell down and sail ITS ALL YOUR FAULT. And in the background sounds of children being killed and someone saying no please dont. And then it cut to a black screen with the grinch saying kill yourself tony its the only way. HHHHHHHOW DID THIS TAPE KNOW MY NAME?????????