Hare and Hunter Lost Episode: The Death of Eddy

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In 2011, the production of 'Hare and Hunter' began. It was pretty tuff, many were forced to work 24 hours a day, many begged to be laid off but they said "No, we need work people!!!". The workers were mad, not to be laid off. They went seriously mad and made sick-and-disturbing episodes or tests of Hare and Hunter. The creator viewed these and thought they were too scary for kids and fired half of the workers. One of these were "The Death of Eddy" and the creator decided to post it on YouTube for a 'sneak peak' of the show.

It starts with Eddy, he is walking to Hunter's house. He knocks on the door, and Hunter answers it. "Hey Hunter, wanna come to my party due to my fame?" Eddy laughed at Hunter for, not being as cool and handsome as him. Hunter got so mad, he slammed the door on Eddy's face. Eddy ran away and said "all right, screw him". Hunter was getting beaten by Hare inside the house. Hunter grabs a knife and stabs Hare, and drags his body to a house. A man in a bear suit comes out and says "Oh, hey Hunter" says the man. "Oh, hey Mr. Bear, I love your TV show and was inspired," Hunter says with a smile. "So I killed my friend and brought him for your fire-hole". "Oh, how sweet of you!" Mr. Bear says with a smirk. "You're the best". Mr. Bear welcomes Hunter into his cellar and tells him to dump the body into the fire-hole.

Hunter walks out and sees the fire-hole, and dumps the bag into it. The body bag burns and Hare screams for help, but Mr. Bear says, "No" to Hunter helping him out of the fire. Hunter smiles and hugs Mr. Bear. "I never get a hug, thank you!" Bear says as he hugs Hunter. Hunter tells him that Eddy to being mean to him and Mr. Bear says, "I'll see what I can do..." with a smirk, and walks out onto the street to see Eddy and welcomes him to his cellar. Eddy says "ok" and that makes Bear mad that he is board with his cellar, so he grabs a knife and stabs Eddy five times in the stomach and throws him into the fire. The episode ends with Hunter walking into the sunset.

The credits list one director of the episode named:

"Mr. Bear"


I discovered, a tad bit of info of this "Mr. Bear" guy. He is said to burn 16 kids in a pit of fire, like in similar vain to the episode. His brother, oddly named Hunter, helped him with the burning of the kids; hence the name of the rabbit-hunter character being named Hunter in the final product. It's seems, I, am the only one with this info. I can't seem to know any who know all this info, except Mr. Bear, but that's common. I will email this guy, Elliot, as said in the blog to see if I can have more information.

I want to find more, I'm very interested.

- Nicolas