Hare and Hunter Lost Episode: The Death of Eddy - Part 2

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I was an intern for an animation company named 'Caledon 21 Animation', and we worked on lots of episodes of Hare and Hunter. We were forced into making one of the sickest episodes ever. It was named 'The Death of Eddy' and featured the characters being killed by Mr. Bear, their trademark character. Note, I was a young intern at the time and he just loves those. I animated night and day, of part 2 of The Death of Eddy.

Only to find out my version had been "tampered" with, or so it was by Mr. Bear or whatever his name is. It starts with Eddy's body burning in the fire as Mr. Bear just laughs and looks for Hunter. "Hunter? DON'T LEAVE ME" he yells. "No, I'm gonna kill you now". Hunter is seen walking. Mr. Bear comes to him and kicks him in the... yeah you know. Hunter falls flat on his face, and Mr. Bear kicks him into the fire-hole. Mr. Bear gets shot by an unknown figure, who was holding an MP4 gun to his head. Mr. Bear is thrown into the fire-hole and says:

"It feels good, here I come Satan"