Jack's Big Music Show - "Ebola's Meaning"

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Ok, so I work for the popular TV channel Nickelodeon. I got to view episodes days before they aired. It was a well-paid job, one that some of my friends would never get and I would always brag about it. On my first day, I had to view Noggin/Nick Jr shows like Dora. I was disappointed, I wanted to see Nicktoons, not Nick Jr shows. I got into the editing room where the shows were watched and fixed for kids to enjoy. We received a copy of a new (well, now old), show named Jack's Big Music Show and gathered around the screen to watch. A guy walked into the room, with a CD in hand.

"Ok. So today we'll watch my episode I directed and made", He said in a cheerful voice. "Are you guys ready?" he asked us, we nodded our heads. He inserted the DVD into a DVD player and it played. For 4 or 5 minutes, it was static then it cut to the actual show. Instead of going to the intro, it cut directly to the show. It showed the main character Jack, as he was walking home. Mel and Mary bumped into him. "Hey, Mel and Mary!" Jack said cheerfully, as he gave the two a handshake. "Say, how about we go out to eat?" asked Mary. "Ok" replied Jack. The screen faded to black, so far so good. It shows Jack, Mary, and Mel, they are running for some reason, which lead Jack to say "Let's hurry! We're almost at the restaurant" They started to sprint. As they make a turn, the scene fades away. The next scene shows them next to a TV, showing a news broadcast. "Warning: a deadly disease spreads throughout the town, please enter the safety shelter now", Jack looks at Mel, who is bleeding from his mouth. "Mel? You got the Ebola disease, we have to kill you" says Jack, he picks up a gun and aims at Mel, who is pleading him to not shoot.

"Sorry Mel, goodbye forever!" says Jack, as he pulls the trigger and a bullet flies out onto Mel's head. Blood splatters everywhere, as Mary starts to sob really hard. "STOP CRYING AND LETS GO!" shouts Jack. He grabs Mary by the neck and drags her as he starts running. Mary began to puke, Jack looks in shock and lets go of her. "So sad, now I must kill you Mary" whimpers Jack. He grabs out a knife and repeatedly stabs Mary, the scene fades to black for 5 minutes and fades to a new scene with Jack running, alone. Jack stops, and says "Эбола победил меня, я не должен идти...", and starts to cough up blood. The blood was yellow, he gasps in shock. Jack falls down, and sadly dies from the disease. The screen fades to pictures of puppets, who had gotten the virus. Then it ends, we were shocked at what we saw. The director came in, "Well, how was the episode?". What would you say?

A couple years later, I got a wife and kids. I had recently put the words Jack said from the episode, and it translated to:

"Ebola has won over me, I can't go on anymore".

That night, I was laying in bed with my wife. I started to cough up blood, I came to one conclusion:

I had gotten Ebola...