Jack's Funeral

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(Note: This is a sequel to Jack's Suicide)

A couple years after the infamous 'Jack's Suicide' incident happened, an investigation was started, the police investigated Dave's house. There they found Dave, he was dead and it had seemed he had stabbed himself brutally. The police found a couple storyboards for unknown episodes (he would probably make, if he wasn't dead), one was of Mary, she was holding a bottle to a dead fetus' mouth, one of Mel being beaten with a chain by Jack, and the last was of Dave himself, with a knife in hand with his stomach cut open. The police were disturbed by images so much, that one of them killed their-self with their gun. After searching through the house, police found a tape. It was a blank tape with a sticky label on it, reading 'Jack's Funeral' the police thought was a sequel to Jack's Suicide.

The tape was brought into the police's station, the officers watched it and were found dead after watching. The tape was put into the Nick vault, forever. However, the vault was robbed of the tape in 2010 and was put on a torrent site. The police haven't found it yet. 200,000 people downloaded it, and were found dead in their homes after viewing like the police men. The police are still wondering how'd they find it. They interviewed the original author of 'Jack's Suicide' and he said he had nothing to do with the second tape being leaked.

The episode starts off with Mary sitting in a chair, she has a black dress on. Then, Mel walks in. He also has a black suit on. There is a bit of conversation between the two. "Why did it had to be him?" Mary says with a sigh, tears is seen rolling down her face. Mel actually talks, he is voiced by Dave, himself. "God wanted him to go," Mel replies. "We all go too...". The scene fades to black, and cuts back to Mel and Mary in a car. A green puppet is driving them to a graveyard, as they enter the graveyard moans could be heard. Mel and Mary walk out, and walks towards an empty grave. "W-Where's Jack?" Mary says in shock. Jack appears behind Mary and grabs her by the neck and chokes her, Mel is seen running down a hill, he trips and falls down and breaks his legs.

A loud, sickening 'CRUNCH' can be heard as Mel breaks his legs. After Jack ripped off Mary's head, he heads for Mel. Mel starts to limp away from Jack, as Jack comes at him with lightning speeds. Jack grabs Mel's neck and rips it off. Mel's head began to bleed, Jack stomps on Mel's body as it began to bleed again. "I FUCKING HATE YOU MEL" Jack screams. Jack starts laughing like an insane person, as the screen fades to black. It cuts to two graves, one labeled 'RIP MEL' and the other 'RIP MARY', it cuts to the credits, where the only credit listed is: