Jack's Suicide

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Jack's Suicide

Jack's Suicide is a unaired episode of Jack's Big Music Show, it was deemed to be too 'gory' and 'graphic' for kids (under ages 2-8), and all tapes of it have been locked in the Nick Studios vault forever. One copy was sold on Ebay for $2.99, before one intern who worked on the episode reported it and it was (sadly) taken down because it was said to be 'cursed' by the devil (himself). As of April 1, 2008, the show had to be cancelled because of the episode, and all episodes were locked in a safe for unknown reasons.

The Episode

It starts with Jack, practicing his piano. He hits a few sour notes like usual, there's a 'knock' at the door and Jack goes down to answer it. It is revealed it is Mel, Jack's friend and pet, who is at the door.

Jack: "Hey Mel, what's wrong boy?"

Mel: "*Bark* *Bark* *Bark*"

Jack: "w-what? Mary has been sleeping with someone else?!"

Mel: "*Bark*"

Jack: *hisses at Mel* t-that bitch!"

Mel: "*confused bark noise*"

Jack is seen walking upstairs in anger as Mel is walking up with him and comforting him. Jack says for Mel to leave him alone, and shouts 'scram, you bastard!', and walks upstairs. The next day, Jack goes to check on Mel, to see if he's okay. Jack walks upstairs, and sees Mel hanged himself because (probably) of depression. Jack starts crying and goes home. Jack sees that Mary and her new boyfriend named who is also named Jack (for a strange reason) have bought the house.

Jack is heart-broken, and goes onto the streets. He walks into a drug store, and buys marijuana, and starts smoking it. After 3 days, Jack starts to imagine a 'better life', where everything is happy and peaceful, and his dog is alive and Mary is still with him. Jack then walks into the same store, and buys a gun and slowly drags it up to his mouth, thinking it was a instrument, and presses the trigger and blows a hole in his head. The episode ends with a shot of Jack's body, as a bunch of gangsters go to piss on it.

Finding the Episode

I was on a torrent site, looking up pornographic movies and found this video, and decided to make it into a 'Creepypasta', and yes Jack's Big Music Show ran for seven years which the pilot episode was aired in August 13, 2001 and the whole series aired from November 16, 2002 to April 1, 2008, because of a 'unaired episode' named Jack's Suicide. Unfortunately, I couldn't post it on YouTube or any site for that matter. Because if I did I would be taken to court for leaking the devil's works onto the internet, just look what happened to that guy who made Obey The Walrus he probably is dead, or not even alive because that 'video' wasn't suppose to be...

The Video

Warning: what can be seen, cannot be unseen, here is the original recording of it when it first aired in 2008, and I will lead to a download of it, but be warned I do not pay for any damages to your life or mind: https://www.mediafire.com/?595au1t30313rdw ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 0:00 - Intro of Jack and The Big Music Show begins, with weird music playing in the background

0:01 - 0:23 is the Infamous 'Mel Abuse' scene

0:24 - 0:41 the other infamous scene with 'Mel's Suicide', and 'Jack's Insanity'

0:31 - Unknown Scene, I can't recall it being a part of the episode though...