Jack's Suicide Part 2

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So, I heard of this alleged episode of Jack and The Big Music Show called Jack's Suicide and thought it was pretty interesting how a simple episode can cause so much buzz, I say 'simple' because it's not scary, not to me, but the rest... I decided to go look for IT, note I was 10 at the time. I was on YouTube, and found some vid called 'Obey The Walrus', and thought it was funny and chuckled a bit, ok I was a little off topic, sorry. I found something called 'Jack's Suicide 2 (DO NOT WATCH THIS)' and decided to watch it since I didn't know how much trouble it would cause me... It's starts off as any other episode would, with Mary and... what looked like Jack, or a puppet that looked like him. They began to talk:

Mary: "Jack #2, you are so much better than that lousy old faggot"

Jack #2: "Why? Yes I am..."

Mary: "I'm gonna go visit Jack, to see if he's ok from the fight we had..." ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

They began to have 'sex', but I didn't know at the time it was 'sex'. She (Mary), began to take off her clothes and rubbing her tits. It cut to Jack (#2), he was looking for Jack calling out stuff like: 'Jack, Hey buddy are you home', and stuff like that. Jack #2 gasped at what he saw, and I did too. It was Jack, he was holding a bloody knife and striked at Jack #2, Jack #2 ran out of the house in fear. "Stay off my property! and I don't mind the studio and if I am ever killed off it has to be a gunshot", and then I heard a loud gunshot and the video pretty much ended there. After that, I went to watch more videos, not minding what I just saw. I decided to watch the video, seeing as how I thought it was 'funny', but it was gone, it just brought me to a porn site named 'porn hub'. I couldn't sleep that night, not after Obey The Walrus, that horrid episode, and porn hub... I was online today and looked up those videos, and thought it to be pretty scary and weird. I found that someone reuploaded the episode as 'JACK'S SUICIDE 2, UNAIRED, RARE, DOWNLOAD BEFORE IT'S GONE', and then I downloaded the video. Now, I can't show it to you. Just imagine it...